About Me

Hi, I'm Jodi. Let's see... what do you need to know...30 something - Mother of two boys (I am up to my eyeballs in a houseful of testosterone).  I am an accountant by day, but I seem to find things to fill every single moment of time through volunteering and writing.

As I mentioned, I like to write, I find it cathartic.  But it only works if you tell the truth, so that's what my blog is about.  The messy sticky truth of a woman making her way through the world.

I have never been (or professed to be for that matter) an athlete, but with a goal of staying healthy (which I refer to on my blog as my AMJ or Ass Minimizing Journey) and promoting a balanced lifestyle for my kids, I do my best to make healthy choices and exercise when I can.  My husband is a IronMan athlete and is very fit, which is not only easy on the eyes, but it also very inspiring and motivating.

My eldest son was diagnosed with ADHD in 2011.  Parents of ADHD children out there... I know what you're going through. I am always on the search for things that can help my son make his way through the world. We have found things that work. (Top Ten Tips for parents of ADHD kids) and things that don't.  I focus the majority of my energy on the successes that we have found and try my best to learn from the things that didn't. My son is a big bouquet of awesome. He has a passion for life and such a strong sense of empathy and kindness, qualities that I truly admire.

My youngest son is a wise cracking social bug.  He is one of the most accepting children and he makes everyone feel welcome and loved.  I can't count how many time parents have come up to me telling me how wonderful he is. I can't take credit for it, it's all him.  He loves animals and will seek them out where ever he goes. It's amazing to watch, I suppose the animals sense that he will do them no harm and they immediately take to him.   He never fails to make me laugh and is one of the funniest people I have the pleasure of knowing.

I am married to a wonderful man named Brad. So much has happened in this decade of marriage. Brad is my rock - he keeps me grounded and has truly shown me what it means to be there for someone. Anyone can be there when things are rosy, true family (friends included) stick around when things get messy.  He's my lobster.

So there you have it....the trials and tribulations of my life of mayhem is documented here on Scalded Flea.

Home Sweet Home.
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