Friday, May 4, 2018


The problem with being so flipping busy is that when I finally get around to updating a blog post I can't remember anything that has happened over the last month.

I'm getting old.

Well let's see.  I suppose the biggest news is that my parents have thrown caution to the wind and have moved out to the country.

I would say most people in their 70s would downsize from a big house and by a condo or move into a seniors complex, but that's not how my parents roll.

What they decided to do was move out to our cabin full time.  That sounds lovely right?  The peace and quiet, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  One caveat though, there is no plumbing and running water.   Who needs showers right?

You know it's easy to say that they are crazy and most people I've mentioned it to say exactly that.  Maybe they are right.  Or maybe, just maybe, it's the smartest move ever. At a certain age,  I think once you stop moving you don't start again.  Keeping active is the key physically as well as mentally.  So some say its a good idea, some say it's a bad idea.  But hey, good for them for having an adventourous spirit!

Being at the cabin you cannot sit on your tuckus doing nothing.  Sh*t needs to get done.  They currently don't have a furnace, which means in the winter you need logs for the wood burning stove.  There is no indoor plumbing so the composting biffy (kudos to my parents for being green) has to be emptied which means walking into the woods.  This is actually pretty cool once you get past the squeamishness of it all.

My Dad used old pallets and built 3 big bins.  The kind of look like a chicken pen.   When you empty the biffy it goes into one bin for the whole year.  The second bin is "resting" and the third bin is used for fertilizer.  It's called Humanure.  So in addition to not polluting the ground water, you are composting.  Every day is earth day at the cabin.

The other thing is that there are no paved roads.  In fact, to get to the cabin, you have to drive down a gravel road and the turn off into a field where we have made a trail into the cabin.  In the summer, no worries outside of any mud ruds we get when it rains.  In the winter... a bit of a bigger deal becuase the trail into the cabin isn't a muncipal road and so it isn't maintained.

Dad had to buy a tractor so that they can plow themselves in and out during the winter months.  I think the Spring/Summer/Fall will be awesome, but I worry about the winter.  I think they might get a little cabin fever.    But right now with all the move and unpacking, I think they have more than enough to keep them busy until 2019.

All of the stuff from the house went to the cabin.  Which is 35 some odd years being scuttled off into a cabin in the woods.  That meant a lot of moving and a lot of trips back and forth.  From what Mum has said, they have almost 2 of everything since the cabin already had furniture and it's a little cramped with everything in there now.

It's going to be interesting to see how this goes.  Knowing my family the way I do, no matter what happens, it's going to be interesting as h*ll.    I found this book on the table when I was at their place awhile back.Anyone shopping for a new reality show... look no further.


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