Wednesday, December 6, 2017


This absolutely blows.

The CT scan showed multiple broken bones and torn ligaments.  While the broken bones sounds worse, apparently it's the torn ligaments that are going to be the main problem. As I am told a lisfranc injury is a complete sh*t show.

After the half cast came off I found out a had to go into a full cast.  The overly bubbly casting technician was super happy and came skipping into the room with sunshine and rainbows trailing behind her.

I was not in the same head space.  She sweetly asked me what color I wanted and offered up bubble gum pink as my first choice.  Hard pass.  Second choice was lime green.  Again no.

When I said I wanted black I could tell that she was disappointed by the wall-eyed expression on her face, but it only seemed fitting that my cast color matched my mood.  I can only imagine the look on my face.

What has followed in the past month would be best be summed up as wildly irritating.  For the first while it hurt a lot so that wasn't exactly fun.  Once the pain wore off, the reality of wearing a leg cast set in.

Showering is a veritable food saver experience as I have to cover the cast in a giant ziploc bag to keep it dry.  Once in the shower I am not allowed to put weight on it, instead I am forced to use those built in seats in the shower surround..  What I discovered is those seats are best utilized for holding shampoo bottles rather than my backside.  Add in the mix that everything gets rather slippery when wet...good times.

Brad was awesome and I was able to get scooters for work and home, which made things orders of magnitude better than hobbling around on crutches.  I still have to use crutches to get around sometimes though.  Seeing as it is Winter, Brad fitted them with Ice Picks. Got to admit it was rather tempting to go completely postal with them occasionally.  Still, simple things like getting in an out of the car, going up stairs and even finagling my way into bathroom stalls have become an ordeal.

With all of this going on, I have been doing almost all of my Christmas shopping online.  I went rogue this year.  Zach never gives me ideas other than video games, so once I bought those,  I had to go out on my own.  I found this really cool site called LootCrate.  Each month they will send him a package with 6-7 gamer things in it.  It can include a shirt, collectibles... that kind of thing.  I also signed him up for the Gamer Gear box, which comes with a Shirt/Sock and Boxer briefs (all gamer themed).  I got a 3 month subscription for each.  In the end it's a super sneaky way to give the kid underwear for Christmas.

Logan wanted sports stuff, hockey jerseys, a new Nexus hockey stick (which is RIDICULOUSLY expensive).  It if wasn't for the Cyber Monday sale, there was no way in h*ll he would have got it for Christmas.

I am under the gun now as I don't have a lot of time to order for things to arrive before Christmas.  I might have to order online/pick up in store things and send someone to get them for me.

Back to the foot.  I had a follow up appointment after spending a month in a cast (1 week half cast, 3 weeks full cast).  I was hoping that I would get it cut off and that would be it, but in the back of my head I knew that was a pipe dream.

Sure enough. Once the cast came off I was told I have to go into a boot.  In my head, I was somewhat elated in that I would be able to walk at least and take it off to shower.  Yeah... hold your horses there chicky.

I cannot walk on it AND for added fun, I cannot walk on it for TWO MONTHS.  I had to ask the Dr. to repeat it because I was completely flabbergasted.

So there we have it. Maybe I'll paint it black and add a buckle to make it more festive.  If anyone is looking for Christmas gift ideas for me,  The following is available at Chapters.


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