Tuesday, November 7, 2017

$40 and a fractured foot.

This past weekend Brad went hunting.  he was supposed to go with the boys, but they both decided to stay home.

Zach has never really been into hockey.  In those first years, he hated it.  We didn't keep him in it because we under some false illusion that he would make the NHL.  We kept him in it for the social aspect.  It was good for him to get out and interact with other kids his age.

Over the years, he has gotten much better and this year seems to be his best year yet. As boys age, they drop out of organized hockey. School commitments, part time jobs and girlfriends are all contributing factors.  As a result the headcounts dwindle.  This year there was not enough kids to make both a 13 year old and 14 year old league, so they combined them.

Each year the boys tryout and get slotted into a team.  Zach is a bubble kid.  That's what they call the kids who are on the fence between 2 categories.  In Zach's case he's an A2/A3 bubble.  Some years he made A2 and others A3.  Brad and I are not the type of parents who care what group our kid is in, so because we didn't really show any inking towards one or the other, neither did Zach.

This year he got put in A3 and I couldn't be happier.  The reason is that he is now one of the best players on the team and is the strongest (and biggest) defense man.  At 6'3" on skates, he's a force.  At the 13/14 age groups there is a huge range of heights.  Some of the boys barely come up to Zach's shoulder.  He had started to take on a leadership role on the team and it's  really boosting his confidence.  Cherry on top of the whole thing is that his best friend is the goalie.  It's common for kids to get down on the goalie when they lose, even though they know it isn't always his fault.  This year though, Zach has become rather protective and won't let any of the boys talk down to Patrick.  His coach is amazing as well, so I think it has the start of being a great year.

Logan's team is looking good too.  Last year was rough.  The two St. Vital teams weren't properly sorted.  One team got all the rockstar fowards, the other not so much.  Seeing as forwards are pretty integral to scoring, to say that we didn't win as much is a glorious understatement.  At one point I think we went 5 games without a single goal.  The boys got down on themselves and justifiably so.  In addition, the coaching style was different than Logan was used to and he didn't respond as well as we would have hoped.

This year, there is a much better sorting of skills and our team looks well balanced.    We are two games in and we have won one, and tied one.    The coach on this team has a style that Logan responds to, which is great.  We paid considerably more for ice time this year, more than we have ever paid before.  Each year you have to pay the registration fees, which are nothing to sneeze at.  Then once you get slotted into a team, you have to pay the additional ice time fees.  Fees vary on the amount of practices your coach plans to have as well as the number of kids on your team.  Zach's team only asked for $200 and are having scads of fundraisers.  Logan's team asked for $600 and are doing no fundraising.  Go figure.

So that's the background.  Both boys are enjoying hockey and didn't want to miss the weekend events.  Zach had a game and a practice and Logan has 2 games and a practice.

Ordinarily when Brad goes away, I muddle through.  We hitch rides from other families, take the bus up to the mall, that kind of thing.  However, since Brad left Thursday that was a long time to be without a car.  For the first time ever, I decided to rent a SUV for the weekend.  I looked around at the various places, Hertz, Enterprise, Budget and the cost was in the $75 range for all of them.  I found Alamo that was only available at the airport, which isn't exactly convenient.  I went to their website to the "deals" section and found a weekend special for $64 dollars for an SUV.  DONE!  Even better was that if you signed up for the newsletter you got an extra 5% off.

  I left work early on Friday and took a bus to the airport.    I went up to the counter and after the forms and what not, the clerk said, "Ok that will be $90 please". 

Uh.. What's that now?

 I explained to her that the deal I had reserved online was for $54 and showed her the receipt I had via email.   It turned out that there systems are very sensitive and I had shown up 10 minutes before my scheduled pick up time and that caused the cost to change.  So I sat on a bench for 10 minutes and then got back into line.  I'm not even kidding.

They gave me a Honda Santa Fay.  I think it was a Honda anyways.  It was ok.  While I wasn't super wowed by the SUV itself, I LOVED driving it.  It was so much more manageable than the truck.  I could see a parking space between two cars and effortlessly pull in.  With the truck, I need an extra space on one side to make the turn.

Getting the hockey bags in and out was much easier too.  While it isn't realistic for us to get another vehicle right now, I sincerely hope that we look at getting one in the Spring.

The weekend was great, we puttered around going from hockey game to practice with ease.  On Sunday Brad came back early.  Logan and I were at Corydon rink which was close to the airport and Brad comes back into the city via that direction, so we decided that Brad would meet us there rather than go home and have to come back later. 

We ended up dropping the SUV off 4 hours early.  Remember that super sensitive system?  Well it works both ways and when we handed in the keys we were told that the cost would only be $40.

$40 for the whole weekend.  Unbelievable!

Sunday night we got Brad unpacked and had a quiet night.  Later that night Stella had to go for a pee. Stella sleeps in our bed at night and when she has to go out, so snuggles up my your neck and licks your face.  If that doesn't work, she jumps down off the bed  and makes these soundless barks.  It's hard to explain, but it's kind of like she is chomping air.

I picked her up and off we went downstairs.  All was well until the last step and I tripped and went a$$ over tea kettle onto the floor.  I had twisted really goofy because I was holding Stella and I didn't want her to get hurt.

It hurt at the time, but falling down stairs will do that and I hobbled over to the door to let her out.  I went back upstairs and tried to fall back asleep.  Usually I can take Stella out at night without really breaking REM and falling back asleep is effortless.  This time, the fall and resultant adrenaline has woke me up and I was WIDE awake at 3 am.  Add to that my foot hurt.  Like really hurt.

It was throbbing so much that I had to get up and get some Advil.

The next morning, I figured it would be bruised, but fine.  Yeah, no. The first step onto the floor sent a searing pain up my foot.  Awesome.

There was absolutely no way I could go to work, so I had to boys get themselves breakfast and lunch and sent them on their way.  I knew I had to go get my foot looked at.  I took a cab to Diamond Athletics where Brad works.

The Pan Am clinic is THE place to go for any muscle/bone type injuries.  As a result of being THE place to go, there is a huge line up each morning.  The clinic opens at 7 am and there is always a line to get in before the doors even open.  Getting there at after 7 and you run the risk of not getting an appointment at all.  As it is getting there at 7:30 will most likely result in a late afternoon appointment.

This is where knowing people helps.  Diamond is attached to the clinic and has a special relationship with the Doctors.  There is an arrangement where any Diamond staff gets to fast lane treatment to the doctors.  The fast lane is usually reserved for employees only, but they made an exception.  I got to the clinic at 8:30 am.  I was seen by a doctor, xrayed and then in a cast by 9:30.

The doctor determined that I had weird dislocation/fracture thing on the outer side of my left foot.  The type of injury isn't super easy to asses properly within an Xray, so i have an appointment for a CT scan in the next few weeks.  In the interim I am in a non-weight bearing half cast.  They put a half cast as my foot was still pretty swollen.  This way the swelling can go down and we can wrap a tensor tightly around the cast to keep it from getting loose.  With a full cast you wouldn't be able to do that.  I have an appointment in 2 weeks to go back and have it looked at.

It's been just over 24 hours and this whole situation suuuuuuucks.    Crutches are the devils work.  My armpits are so sore and I know my hands will have blisters by lunch.  Brad is going to be bringing a scooter/tricyle thing home.  It has handlebars like a bike, but instead of a seat there is a long foam bench.  The idea is you kneel you injured leg on the foam bench and use you other foot as a source of locomotion much like a skateboard.  It's much easier than crutches, although I don't know how well it's going to work at the house.  Brad is having another one delivered to work as well.

So that's where I am now.  I am nested up on the couch with my work laptop beside me trying to  get things done while popping advil.  I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow but my mobility is so poor that I really don't see that happening, but I will see how things look tomorrow.

Good Times.


Jean said...

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Sophie Grace said...

this is going to be an amazing read. i am sure i am going to love it. reading its review on your post Nonton Drama Korea

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