Thursday, August 3, 2017


I'm back.


I keep telling myself that quarter ends are going to get easier.  The thing is that technically they do in the sense that with each passing month I learn a whole bunch more and am better able to field questions.  However, the hours don't seem to change.

But whatever... that's in the past.  It's AUGUST.

August is right up there with my favorite months of the year because everyone takes time off and it's quiet at work.  Case in point I'm taking tomorrow off.

There has been a lot going on the past month.  Zach was in a Virtual Reality tournament, Stella started puppy kindergarten, I messed up on the kids camp dates... it's been busy.

First up was the Virtual reality tournament.  It was held at DoVR in the new Outlet Mall.  It's Zach's favorite place.  Zach is an introvert by nature.  It's strange because he so wants to be part of the group, but has such a hard time introducing himself.  Then when he gets into the crowd, he pulls back because too many people drive him crazy.  So malls aren't exactly his go to on the weekends, unlike his retail obsessed brother.

I do drag him out with me though.  Not just shopping but to all sorts of places.  It's nice to spend time with him and it gets him off screens.    The first time we visited the outlet mall, we passed this weird store front.  It had the standard display windows, but with nothing in then.  A peek in the store and there were no items for sale, just big black change room looking things and a cashier at the back. Brothel maybe?

Turns out it was virtual reality arcade and the change rooms were the individual gaming rooms.  Zach's eyes just about jumped out of his head.  It's $25 for a half hour.  Seems ridiculous to me, but I spend $25 on a bottle of wine that lasts that amount of time, so it's all relative.

I bought Zach a half hour and browsed the mall while he was doing his thing.  When I came back to get him he was SWEATING!  Apparently VR is not like Xbox where you sit making butt imprints in your chair.  Nope, with VR you MOVE.

Needless to say he loved it.  As we were leaving he noticed a sign on the door for a VR tournament.  Oh boy.  I knew without him asking that we were somehow going to have to make it work.

It was a pretty good deal.  You paid $25 to get into the tournament and were guaranteed an hour of play. Right off the bat, you've saved $25.  But if you do well, you move on and continue to play without any extra charges.

Now I knew Zach was good at these things, but I didn't know how good.  He vanquished everyone.  He kept winning round after round.  At one point between games, he asked Brad if they could go to the food court to get a drink, "I need to hydrate Dad!".  Too funny.

Back at VR, he continued to dominate and ended up in the final.  His opponent was a guy in his early thirties and Zach nearly took him, but he pulled out at the end.  Not too shabby for a 13 year old.

People had been coming into the store asking what was going on.  Since Zach was waiting he talked to them and explained how things worked.  He even talked about the games and how to play and control the equipment.  We were so impressed because with Zach's shyness, that never happends.  Apparently, he just needed the right topic.  The store manager was impressed as well and told Zach to come back when he was 16 for a job!   Wouldn't that be something!

Coming in 2nd place earned Zach 2  - half hour free plays at DoVR in addition to the 2 hours he played during the tournament.    All in all he got $250 worth of VR game time for $25.  Nooice! (as Zach would say).

The week following the VR tournament, he was at Mini University for a gaming coding camp.  They learn how to write code for game mods.  I would like to write more about it, but honestly that is as far as my understanding goes.  I like to think of myself as a fairly techy person but Zach has me beat.

This week we took a hard left from anything techy and he's spending the week at the cabin with my parents.  It's quite interesting.  He LOVES gaming, but then he loves being at the cabin going hunting with his Dad.  I'm thankful for that though as it is something that they have bonded over.

Logan has been going to camps this summer too. He was supposed to be in more, but I kind of messed that up royally.  We had signed Logan up for days camps with Mini U, Humane society and Camp Cedarwood.  Logan's buddy Seth is going to Cedarwood too.   When we were planning it, I had already registered Logan for the Humane society and we had been going over with Debbie (Seth's mum) what dates for Camp Cedarwood.

Logan and Seth were at Mini U together and Logan mentioned he was excited for Cedarwood the following week, but Seth said it wasn't until the week after. Good Lord, I somehow I had it differently in my head and  inadvertently scheduled him for both camps on the same week. Ugh.

The brutal part is that I didn't even realize it!  Thank goodness we got it found out in time.  I couldn't get him out of the Cedarwood camp as it is a sleep away camp and very expensive.  The Humane society one was fairly cheap and so if I couldn't get the week changed and lost our fees it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Humane society was great, refunding our money and said we could register in a different week.  PERFECT!  But when I went online to register him, they only had the age 6-12 camps.  The one he had originally been in was for 12-14, which would have changed the dynamic considerably.  We ran into that last year when I registered Logan for Mad Science Camp.  He was on the high end of an age band where most of the participants were on the low end, so they had to cater to the majority.  Burnt by that experience Logan was ok with skipping Humane Society camp all together.

It's nice that we have finally got to the age where the boys can stay home by themselves.  So much more freedom!

Speaking of freedom, I'm off to free some delicious wine from it's crystal casing.  Ta Ta!


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