Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bite me in the a$$

We are pretty fortunate in that Brad and I both get benefits through work.  It doesn't always cover all of the costs, but it helps beyond measure.  They come in real handy given my epilepsy meds cost about half of a mortgage payment and Zach's cost a couple hundred as well,

For dental we never have to pay anything.  Brad gets 80% coverage and I get top up of 20% from my work.  It doesn't cover things like major work or orthodontics.  Technically I could get some orthodontic coverage, but it would mean shuffling my benefits all around to cover the premiums and even then I wouldn't get more than 40% (plus there is a lifetime max involved).

So with that backstory, let's move on.  I took Friday off to spend some time with Logan before he headed to camp on Sunday.  We decided that we would go watch some beach volleyball.  When we left the house it was sunny.  As we drove across the city, the sky got more and more ominous.  By the time we arrived at the venue the sky had turned that dark blue and you knew a storm was coming.  Sure enough, within minutes of our taking seats in the stands it started to pour.  We were going to tough it out, but the lightning forced fans to be evacuated into the nearby rec center.

While we were waiting, Logan offered me one of his gummy treats.  I popped one in my mouth and started to chew.  Then felt a large crunch.  Gummies don't crunch... ABORT! ABORT the plan.

I spit out the gummy.  Since they were real fruit gummies there was a brief second whereI though I might have bit into a seed or something.  Yeah no.  Staring up at me was a rather large chunk of my tooth. So gross.  A quick explore with my tongue made it feel as though the entire portion of my tooth had given way leaving nothing but jagged shards in it's wake.  Ok, so it likely wasn't as bad as all that, but it felt that way.

The tooth in question was one that had a root canal a few years ago.  My dentist had been mentioning at every checkup since then that I needed a crown.  Since crowns weren't covered under our benefits, I always balked at the idea, thinking it was unnecessary.

There wasn't a whole lot to do.  The situation wasn't so bad that it would send me fleeing to the dentist as it didn't hurt, so we stayed to watch volleyball.  The girls were up first.  I have always found beach volleyball impressive.  It doesn't look like hard work until you realize that there is only two of them on a court usually supported by 5 and they have to run around in sand.  Have you ever tried that?  I start sweating in 3 seconds flat.

What I will not understand is the clothing.  Girls wear the skimpiest of bikini's which is wildly unpractical when you think about them diving into sand.  Things could go wandering.  But the guys?  No.  Full board shorts and tank tops.  Doesn't seem right.  I wonder if upon being handed their scraps of a uniform any girls have protested.  It seems reasonable that at least one might have.

It started raining again for the guys game, but no lightning so we sat out in the rain.  It was warm so it didn't really bother us, well apart from the fact that I was ill prepared forgetting my umbrella and electing to wear a white t-shirt.

I called the dentist on Saturday as they do take appointments, but I couldn't get a hold of anyone.  Thankfully it still wasn't hurting.  I think this had something to do with the nerve being removed in a root canal.  Whatever, I was just thankful.

Monday morning the dentist called bright and early saying they could get me in.  Since it felt so horrid in my mouth, I was worried they were going to say there was nothing they could do and pull the tooth.   But that didn't even come up in the conversation.  My dentist said that a crown was our only option.  I agreed.

Before we could do that though, a temporary filling had to be put in.  Next thing I know, dude was coming at me with a drill.  WTF man!! Did you not miss a CRUCIAL step whereby you put in some freezing?  Apparently it wasn't necessary, but I was extremely reluctant.  Not surprisingly he was correct, but the smell of tooth dust as he ground off the jagged edges were utterly revolting.

When he was done I headed up to the counter to get the estimate of the crown.  $1250.  Sweet Lord of the dance that is expensive.  Brad has no coverage for major work.  I get 40%, so about $500, provided they agree to covering all of the 40%.  Sometimes, they disagree with the treatment plan and only cover a portion.  But I can use a spending account to cover another $400.  So in the end it will cost me about $350.

Later that day I got a call from the Orthodontist at U of M.  Zach got accepted into their dental program for his braces.  We had initially got a ridiculously high quote from a regular ortho;  $5,000 as a base and would likely be more.  Good lord, how much would it cost for a complicated case???  A friend recommended the orthodontic program at U of M.  Since Zach's case was simple, mostly cosmetic, we could get student into the program to handle Zach's braces.  Each procedure is overseen by a resident dental professor, so you have confidence that they are being done correctly.  The cost is almost half, $2,650.  Zach wanted invisalign, but to use those you have to be diligent about dental care and I know that would be a constant battle.  Plus, if we get traditional ones, he can't lose them.  Decision made.  We are going to spring for an upgrade to get him clear braces on the top portion.  He will still have the wires, but they will be less noticeable.

His first appointment is September 29 and we have to pay $350 for that one.  My crown is scheduled for October, so a couple hundred there.  Then the second braces appointment is in November... yet another $350 and then $350 per appointment, every three months. The fall is going to be quite the expensive season when you add in back to school, hockey registration and new equipment to the mix.  Ugh.

Honestly though, I really can't complain.  A friend of mine has three kids and they all have complicated cases that require braces.  She said it is easily going to cost them $15K.  Holy Mother.

Not going to let it get me down though.  I am T minus 8 working days until my holidays.  Eyes on the prize.


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