Saturday, June 24, 2017

PS400 dollars

 Last week Brad was doing some work on the deck and needed some shims.  We had some buried in the chaos that is our "storage room" in the basement.  By storage room, I mean a collection of shelving units.

While he knew the shims were there, it wasn't immediately obvious as to where they were.

Next to all the shelving units is a table with a TV and Logan's PS4 game console.

Logan wanted one so badly and it was a big Christmas present for him. Sensing something ominous?

As Brad was shuffling things around, he got caught on the PS4 cords which pulled it off the table and sent it careening towards the cement floor.  Boom.

There wasn't any obvious immediate damage.  He turned it on and the power light went on, so he thought all was well.

Logan doesn't play the PS4 everyday, so it wasn't until a few days later, that he tried to play it.  He went to turn it on and while the light on the PS4 went on, nothing happened on the screen.


While this was bad, what made it worse was that Logan was having friends over for a birthday sleep over and they would be playing a NHL PS4 tournament.  His frien'Dds were bringing over their controllers so that everyone could play.

Brad went online to see if the PS4 one year guarantee covers accidental damage.
 I knew before he checked that it wouldn't.  After he had spent some time searching, I checked in. Did you find out anything?  Does it cover drops?" ..."Nope".   He just looked at me with a frustrated face....    I mean what company covers bumping your son's PS4 while looking for woods shims are part of their warranty.  Not many, but FYI console makers, if you were to have an all encompassing warranty that would cover any number of sins such as concrete drops, drink spills, jammed discs etc, I would so pay for that.

I did everything I could think of and nothing worked.  Everyone was so convinced that I would be able to fix it.  I could see how I would be their best shot, but I can't fix a broken circuit board.  Logan unraveled, "so that's it? my PS4 is done?  You guys SUCK!".  As much as I was annoyed at him for talking like that, I really couldn't blame him.  He had every right to be upset.

Since this was our fault, we felt that we had to rectify it, but holy mother.  A $400 plus unexpected birthday gift?

I had the Friday off, so I got up early and headed out to find a PS4.  Apparently, the consoles usually come in packages with a game.  However all of the packages came with games that we already had, so there was really no point in buying one of those.

After some searching around I found it.   It was one of those moments where a light shone down...hal-le-lujuah!! hal-le-lujuah!! hal-le-lujuah!!

It was a limited edition 1 terabyte GOLD PS4.  It had just been released that morning.  Talk about serendipitous! It was the same price as the other consoles, however, it had more memory instead of coming with a game, which was perfect for us.

I was nervous about the gold because I wasn't sure if Logan would go for it.  I figured if I brought it home and he didn't like it, we could exchange it.

As it turned out, he was THRILLED!  The fact that it was limited edition released that day meant that none of his friends had it yet, which in and of itself made it awesome.  We got everything set up and installed about an hour before all of his friends showed up for the party.

Whew crisis averted.

I mess up all the time.  Clog sink drains, dent cars, make payments to a closed visa account, you name it.  Brad doesn't not even a little.  While this whole debacle was an expensive one, the fact that it was his fault was a beautiful thing.  He felt bad enough as it was, so I didn't mention it, but you can better believe the next time I royally mess up, this event is coming out of the archives.

Until then, all consoles are going to be bubble wrapped.


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