Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Playoff, A Play and one left foot

In recent years I have become close with my nephews Bennett and Braden.  They are great kids.  Not kids anymore actually, they are 15 and 17.

We text all the time and they keep me updated on the things that are going on in their lives.  I remember when I was a kid I was so worried I wouldn't be an aunt.  If I married an only child like myself, I wouldn't get to be one and for some reason that really bothered me.

Thankfully that is not the case.  Last week I texted Braden to wish him a happy 15th birthday and asked him if he had anything special going on.  He replied that he had a big playoff game.  Lightbulb!  Even though we were in the middle of some fairly crappy weather and driving conditions, we decided to head out to East Selkirk to watch him play. We picked up some birthday balloons and cupcakes and headed out.

It was a big surprise when we showed up!  So glad we went!  Gateway had a great game and went on to the A side finals!  Braden and his team played really well.  It's been a hard season for them.  One of their team mates was diagnosed with leukemia early in the season and was sent to Vancouver for treatment.  He is now back in Winnipeg and is doing better, but has a long road ahead.  The boys on his team took his jersey and hung it up on the bench at every game, so that even if he wasn't able to play, he made it to every game. Oh my gosh, right in the feels.

Having two boys myself, I know how brothers are and giving attention to one and not the other is a big no no.  Knowing that, I texted Bennett to see how things were going on his end.  As it turns out he was going to be in a play!  This took me by surprise as I never would have thought Bennett would have been into drama.  Since the last showing of the play was later in the same week as Braden's game, we made plans to head out to River East collegiate to catch the final showing of Sixteen Candles.

This is one of those iconic movies featuring the Brat Pack of the 80s.  I had seen most of them, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink etc, but I'd never seen this one, so I had no idea of the story line for the play.

In recent years, I have only gone to see elementary/middle school plays.  They are cute and sweet, but never really big productions.  High School is WAY different.  The play was performed in a big theater in the school instead of the gym with a professional looking stage... the whole nine yards.

Bennett was playing one of the jerky jocks.  He warned me ahead of time that he wasn't very nice in this play which was super sweet.  It was as if he was worried I wouldn't like him.

The play was GREAT.  The acting, the sets, music, lights... everything was on point and so well done.

During the last act of the play, unbeknownst to the audience, a light was didn't get turned off on one end of the stage when it should have been.  The art director asked Bennett to quickly run across during one of the "pauses" in between scenes.  Bennett ran across and just as he got the light turned off, he stumbled and tripped.  He said he rolled his ankle, but sucked it up and finished the play.

After it was all over, Bennett came out to see us where we all gave him our rave reviews.  He was limping a little and told us the story of his foot.  He didn't seem too concerned and was more focused on the cast party being held that night.

The next morning I got a text from Bennett.  His foot had swollen up something fierce and was black and blue.  They headed over to the Pan Am clinic to have it looked at and yup... he broke his ankle.

Now, if the drama idiom, "break a leg" did not just enter you head, then we cannot be friends.  Once I knew Bennett was ok, I couldn't stop laughing.  What a rockstar though!  Finished the play and went out to a party after all the while walking on a broken foot.

It made for a busy week driving around to East Selkirk, our boys playoff games, River East, but it was so worth it.

Bonnie and Brett came out to Zach's playoff game on the weekend along with my Mum and Dad.  It's really great when you a close knit family like that.

Love Love Love


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