Friday, November 4, 2016

Ring around the rosie...

I love cats.

I've had cats as pets my whole life.  I was heart broken when we had to give up Aristotle and Newton because of Zach's asthma at the time.

We recently got Stella, who I adore.  She's the sweetest little thing, but man... puppies are high maintenance. I've had small children and I can say that having a brand new puppy is not so unlike having a toddler..."What are you doing?".... "Don't put that in your mouth!" ..."Don't sh*t on that!"..

Well, maybe not the last one, but you get the idea.

As much as I love her, I will always have a soft for kittens.  Out at the cabin, they have TONS of kittens.  The farm kittens are not indoor cats, but rather they live in the barn.  So sweet.

Every time we go out, Logan and Zach are instantly drawn to the littles.  Logan also loves Tyson ( a pitbull/bulldog cross) and Caesar (German Shepard), but Zach is a bit intimidated by them and the kittens are more his speed.

Since the kittens live outdoors, there is no need to trim their claws, quite the opposite.  But that means when the boys play with them, they get scratched from time to time.  No biggie.

Brad and Zach came home from the cabin a few weeks ago and Zach had gotten a decent scratch on his stomach.  Whatever... didn't think anything of it.

Fast forward a week or so and Zach was getting ready for school, just about to head out the door and he said "Mum... I have thing thing growing on my stomach, can you come see?"... Uh... what's that now?

 I noticed a red patch the size of a toonie on his stomach.  It was a little odd, but Zach said it didn't bother him. We washed it up, put a little  hydro cortisone on it and did the thing that a lot of people do and said "Let's keep an eye on it". 

After a few days, the slight red patch became raised, bumpy and just plain icky looking, so we decided to take him in.  I didn't think it was poison ivy because it was such a small patch and it's a little late for Lyme disease since the mosquitos are all but gone at this point.

Regardless, I wasn't prepared for what it was.... ringworm.

Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew

OK.  I admittedly lost my sh*t and was ready to burn every article of clothing in the entire house and bleach it all.  Ringworm? Are you kidding me?  I have a crazy clean house (kind of OCD about it) and my boys have showers every single day, so it's not like they are unhygienic or anything.  That's the one tough ( well not one..) thing about being a mum.  Even if you are completely and utterly disgusted, you can't just walk away cause someone had to deal with this sh*t.

After the Dr. said it was ringworm, he then asked if Zach had been around cats.  We initially said no, since we don't have a pet cat, but then Zach piped up..."What about the ones at the cabin?".

Oh. Right. Farm Kittens.

Google can be a good or bad thing and in this case, it calmed me down.  Before you read anything else, read this.... RINGWORM is NOT a WORM.

That immediately lessened the panic.  The idea of worms wriggling around in my house sent me in to an anxiety spiral. So learning it wasn't a worm was really comforting.  The most common kind of ringworm is athlete's foot.  Ok, I've heard of that before, blood pressure starting to come back down to a normal level.

While it's not fantastic, it's super treatable and you just need a prescription cream.  We've only been using it for a few days and the rash is already going away.  Whew.

Not sure how to avoid it going forward because it's not like the boys won't want to pick up the kittens anymore. Maybe it's just a matter of when they get scratched make sure we disinfect it no matter how trivial the scratch.

Lessened learn there.


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