Wednesday, October 5, 2016


It's that time again!


I love MTC.  The arts community is just amazing.

Royal MTC has a good lineup at the mainstage this year. They even have a play about the Queen!

Generally speaking season tickets to MTC will run you about $330 (ish) for mid level seating.

My friend Debbie (my theatre date) got the deal last year from MTS, but we were unsure whether the deal would be available given that Bell took over.

I figured it was worth checking and lo and behold, IG has a theatre deal as well.  50% off tickets.  That's awesome!  So for $150 we get the full package of plays this year, such a good deal.

We opted for the Friday night plays because neither of us will usually work late on a Friday night.   Trying to make plans is always so hard when everyone is busy, so scheduling then way the h*ll in advance is the only way it's going to happen.

Sunflower Swirl
In keeping with the arts theme I have two paint nites coming up in November.  One with Debbie and Erin and the other with Jill.

I swear, if you keep your eyes open, there is a deal everywhere which puts a spring in this frugal girls step.  Groupon seems to have an ongoing deal with paint nite, so it's easy to get a night out with the girls for a sweet price.
Rainy Day

Erin took both the painting and the location into consideration (in addition to the date obviously).  I was more focused on the painting myself, but was pretty wide open.

Red/Grey just rules
End result is that we will be painting the "Sunflower Swirl" at the Kings Head and "Rainy Day" at Saffron's.   I like the Rainy Day painting better,  I've noticed that I tend to prefer the darker/somber paintings better.  Not sure what that means since I generally consider myself to be a fairly upbeat person. Maybe it's more the grey/red color scheme that I prefer.

Regardless, either one is a night out with the girls, so who cares right?  Worst case scenario is I give myself a holiday pour of wine and paint a giant smiley face smack dab in the middle of the canvas and call it a night.


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