Friday, October 28, 2016

Carpet Bomb

When we built the house we didn't finish the basement.

One because it was ridiculously expensive and the other was that for the first couple years we wanted to have the ability to see what was going on.. if there was any leaks etc.

We do intend to finish it at some point, but it is way down the list of priorities.

Our basement isn't bare, we have a sort of rec room set up for the boys to play video games and on the other side is our pantry/.  Or basement is kind of divided into two because the stairs come down into the middle of the basement rather than the side).

Which is all well and good, but it's still a cement floor.  I had put down some area rugs, but it was pretty ghetto.

Cue to last weekend.  Brad's friend is does construction (he's also a financial planner) and he did some reno to the old Target store.  For those not in the know, Target set up in Canada.  Everyone thought it was going to hugely popular since Canadians flock to Target when they head south.

Trouble is, we expect good deals.  Well, Winnipeggers do at least and the prices in Target Canada weren't what people were expecting, so after the initial novelty wore off, things went in the sh*tter.  Not sure how our neighbour got the construction job, but they were tasked with ripping up all of the nearly brand new industrial carpet.

 It was all set to go to the dump, but since it was perfectly good, our buddy asked if he could have it. They took a bunch and laid some carpet down in their basement but had tons left over and asked Brad if he wanted it.

Now if you recall the ghetto basement from earlier, we were pretty jazzed at the idea.

Brad picks up the slack when I work long hours during quarter end. I think he was one dinner away from buying a fruit stand in Guatemala.  After such a long week to ask him to spend his weekend laying carpet, seemed a bit much.  I think it might have pushed him over the edge.

However, I have proven to be at least marginally capable (see here...) and so I decided to do it myself.

Well, technically myself and Zach.  He may only be 13, but he's really strong (thank you hockey!) Some kids would jump at the chance to do some construction work, but my ankle biters do not fall into that group.  So while he was reluctant, he said yes and we set to work in the basement.

Arguably the biggest part of the job was moving the furniture because you had to move it twice.  We couldn't exactly move it upstairs, well I guess we could, but that seemed like far to much work.  So instead we moved the furniture out of the way and moved it back as we laid certain pieces down.

It took us awhile to figure out which way would be better to lay it... length wise or width wise, but we opted for width.  We rolled it out and back up a few times before we got it right because since I said I was going to do it all myself I couldn't very well go upstairs and ask Brad for help could I?

Since it was industrial carpet, seams don't exactly line up as it is meant to be laid in one enormous piece and cut to size.

As a result we had to figure out a way to join the seams.  Sewing it was not an option despite the fact it sounds sort of reasonable.  Since this carpet is an interim solution and not nearly meant to be permanent I didn't want to glue it to the floor.  In the end we option to duct tape the seams.  Have to keep a little ghetto in there.... it's important to know where you came from.

I had a shelf thing on the boys side of the basement. A huge lumbering buffet/hutch sort of deal which looked wildly out of place in our new fancy schmancy rec room.  Zach and I made an executive decision and lugged it to the other side of the basement by the other pantry shelves and freezer.  Looks great!

We were both pretty sore on Sunday.  My hands ached from using the exacto knife for 5 hours and my knees were bruised from crawling around, but it was worth it.  Makes a big difference and it feels so much warmer down there because you have something under your feet!  The picture at left is when were were almost finished putting everything back together.

GO Girl Power!!! (with some offspring power thrown in for good measure. Hey... everyone needs a sidekick).


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