Monday, September 12, 2016


It's weird to think how times have changed.

In my head, I'm still young, but when I stop and think about it, it makes me feel really old and that's ok..

For instance:

  •  I sent my first email in UNIVERSITY
  •  I dated before cell phones, facebook, twitter and all social media
  •  Dial up internet and the ear piercing symphony that came with it was a real thing, including being super impatient waiting for someone to get off the phone so you could get online.
  • I went to "Ask Jeeves" instead of google for awhile....seriously.
With this in mind I can only imagine what it must be like for my 90 year old Grandmother. So showing her things like my cell phone, face timing with her sister in England, ipads and social media are just mind boggling.

We try to get over and visit GG as much as we can, but it is hard with work, school, hockey and everything.  But when we do have some time, I make sure we go.

Zach and I went for a visit recently.  Whenever you visit GG, the beginning of the visit will be a run down of her current ailments.  Once she gets that out of the way, she visibly cheers up and the conversation starts to flow.
This past visit Zach wanted to show GG the magic of SnapChat.  I love snap chat, but I don't use it the way you're supposed to.  As I understand it, you take these mini videos of yourself and send them to people.  The videos only last seconds, but be forewarned that good hand eye coordination by the viewer means screen grabs of the videos.. eek.

What I like is the SnapChart filters which takes fun house mirrors to the next level.  You can get turned into a bee, a dog, a princess, a demon... you name it.  Zach decided that it was high time GG learned about this.

It was hilarious.  GG couldn't believe her eyes.  She and Zach were laughing their heads off.  It was really good to see her laugh like that given everything that's been going on with our side of the family.

Sometimes it nice to get outside yourself for awhile and be silly.    I know that getting older comes with its own set of challenges. Despite that, getting older is a gift.  You may get wrinkles that can hold a three day rain and the physical landscape may start to shift, but who cares?  For me, I am looking forward to what my tattoos will look like when I age.  At least it will give me something to laugh at until my grandson brings me the 2070 version of SnapChat.


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