Thursday, September 22, 2016

Old Routines and some new ones

School has been back in swing for awhile now.

Boys seem to be settling in ok.  Logan's teacher is a real techy kind of guy and so the lesson's they get are presented in new ways, ipads, mimeo screens ( I'm pretty sure that's what they are called) among other ideas.

It's crazy.  When we were kids our days were quite limited.  Sit at your desk, look at the chalkboard, don't pass notes.  On loop.

Not now.  Now they have interactive screens, ipads, video conferencing.  I remember last year Logan's class got to Skype with some Canadian Olympic athletes.  SERIOUSLY!!

Wobble Chairs
Standing desks
As for the desk solutions... endless.  They have the regular chairs, wobble chairs that allow kids to move in a full 360 degree motion without tipping over, bean bags chairs, exercise balls, rockers... you name it.  For the kids who don't like to sit, they have standing desks in the back.  For the kids who get distracted with all of the classroom noise, they can sit in the hall and still participate in the lessons via ipad.

It is pretty cool actually, but I can't help be a little jealous.  School would have been a lot more fun.

Sigh... I feel old.

Logan has been getting some decent homework.  I know there are studies that say homework is bad for kids, but I can't understand that.  At some point they are going to be expected (even if it is university) to work on essays and projects that won't be completed in a lecture.  If they have never had to do that, how will they handle it.  Maybe I'm out to lunch.

Zach's in Grade 8 now.  He's grown so much.  Both physically and maturity wise.  He's now 5'9" after having grown a couple inches over the summer.  Brad said that he went through a similar thing, but I can tell you for certain that I never had a "3 inch summer".

He ahsn't had much in the way of homework yet or he hasn't got behind enough in his homework for the teacher to call yet.  The latter is far more likely.

So settling back into the school routine is old hat.  Settling into routines with Stella?.... still learning.

She's like a baby.  You can't leave her alone, you have to get up in the middle of the night to take her out for a pee...etc etc.  I don't mind, it just adds a bit more chaos to our mornings.  I take her out as soon as I get up and then after breakfast one of the boys has to take her for a walk around the bay.

She's been doing good and even starting to go to the door by herself when she has to go out.    She still has accident during the day in her room when we are out simply because her wee little bladder can't hold it for that long.  But the accidents when we are home seem to have decreased.  It's weird though, she'll have a accident free couple days and the boom! out of nowhere 3 accidents in a day.

It's sweet to come home and have her some tearing at you for hugs and kisses.  It makes you feel pretty loved.  As much as the puppy stage is adorable, I'm really looking forward to when she's a bit more self sufficient.  All in due time.


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