Thursday, August 4, 2016

Raspberries and Sandbars

On Saturday we picked Zach up from Camp Arnes.  He always has such a good time there and this time was no exception.  He attended Paintball Camp, which is by far his favorite.

We drove up Saturday, watched the little concert/show that the kids put on, had some lunch and headed back into the city.

Lately, Logan has been so anxious to do stuff.  He absolutely hates relaxing.  His favorite activities of all are spontaneous ones.  It just so happened that on the drive out to pick up Zach, I spotted a Upick fruit sign and made a mental note that it would be a good spot to check out on the way home.

Zach and Logan both seemed up for it, so we turned off the highway onto this little back road.  Not gonna lie, after about 15 minutes it started to feel like we were driving into a Stephen King novel.  After two more turns onto even smaller gravel roads, we finally ended up at the Upick.

It was super quaint.  It was run by this elderly hippy like couple.  So sweet.  They got us all set up with buckets and we were set.  There wasn't any strawberries, but there was loads of raspberries.  With buckets in hand we started picking.  I have to admit my eyes were more optimistic than the reality of my bucket. I had ideas of bringing home 3 buckets worth of raspberries.  It took us about an hour to fill a single bucket.  The sun was beating down, mosquitoes were eating us alive and we made an executive decision that one bucket of raspberries was the perfect amount.
It is the first time we have ever gone to a upick and we didn't know that filling up an ENTIRE bucket to the brim isn't the best idea for raspberries anyways because the berries at the bottom of the pail don't have the structural integrity to handle the weight on top of them and quickly turn into juice.

Since we didn't have any specific plans for the berries anyways, we decided to use them to make jam so the squished berries wouldn't go to waste.

It was a really great day.

Sunday the weather was gorgeous and I didn't want to waste it inside, so we packed up our gear and headed out to Grand Beach.  I haven't been to Grand Beach in at least 10 years and the boys had never been.  

I forgot how soft the sand is.  Just amazing.  It's like you're walking through icing sugar.

We got there about noon and I was totally surprised at how quiet it was.  That being said we were at the East beach which doesn't have the boardwalk and is therefore by nature less busy, but still.

We set up camp and the boys immediately ran into the water.  Brad went with them and they were splashing around and throwing footballs.  It was great.  

Now, I am not much of a swimmer.  I can of course, but it's not really my thing.  But the boys really wanted me to swim with them, so in I went.  Now the sand may be amazing at Grand and the bottom of the lake may be amazing (soft sand goes out really far into the water so you aren't walking on rocks), but the algae is GROSS.

If you are a girl and you swim in this, just know that the top part of your swimsuit acts as a filter and when you come out of the water the "girls" will be covered in this green algae sticky stuff.  Ick.

Taking a break from the water, the boys came up on the beach for some lunch and we covered them in sand. Again, they'd never done that before and it was such a novelty.  So much fun.
  The beach didn't really fill up until about 3pm and then it was just packed.  We stayed until about 4:30 pm and headed home.  It was an awesome day.  Since I am going to be on vacation soon, I think we'll make another trip or two out there!



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