Thursday, August 4, 2016


If you follow my blog, you know that I am good friends with our neighbours at the Cabin, Courtney and Dale and something amazing happened to them recently.

You know how you always hear about these crazy wild things, but never think they can happen to you or someone you know?

Well it did.

Last week I got a text from my friend Dale...."we won the lotto"

Dale and Courtney occasionally go to the casino, so I figured, they won a couple of thousand or something.

Nope.  Dale replied... $1.2 million.

As if.  Dale's such a joker, you never know when he's being serious.  So I texted Courtney.  It's true. They won the HSC lottery grand prize.  $1.2 million!!

They had a few options:
1. Luxury home by Maric
2. Luxury home by Kensington
3. Luxury Cottage
4, $1.2 million
Court and Dale live in Stockton Mb on a farm.  What they h*ll are they going to do with a fancy house in the city, other than sell it.  They already have a cottage, which they love.  So the obvious choice was to take the cash.  

It couldn't have gone to better people!  They are the most hardworking, kind people on the planet. 

Congratulations Guys!


HP said...

HOLY FUCKING SHIT, THAT IS UNREAL! Congrats Courtney & Dale!!

HP said...

ps. the Maric dream home is behind my house and across the road. we were almost neighbours!

Jodi said...

Everyone is still in shock. It's unreal.

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