Friday, July 22, 2016

Medieval Much?

I've never been to any sort of comic con renaissance festival or any similar to that. Although, I've always been kind of curious.

At last week's Bomber game, a friend of mine Dave said that he would going to the Medieval festival in Cook's Creek the following day. It sounded like so much fun, that we decided to go.

I knew it was a dress up thing and I would have LOVED to have gotten in to the spirit of things, but Brad and Logan were major wet blankets.  In the end, I made the boys some Knights Templar Shields.

I hate to admit it, but since it was being held in a smallish town, I wasn't expecting a whole lot of pomp and circumstance.

Well, I am one to admit when I was wrong, and sweet Christmas, I was wrong.

First off the festival is held on the Cook's Creek church grounds.  If you live in Manitoba and have never been to this church, you should go despite whatever god, higher being or cucumber that you worship.

It looks like this massive cathedral.  It is just jaw dropping.  As you get close up though, it gets a little theme-parky.  For example, the "brick" you see if actually painted on.  But who cares, it's still an awesome building.

The church was built in the 1930s and somewhere north of there in the 1960s, the patrons decided that it was time to up the ante and built this elaborate open castle type structure right next to the church (which adds a bit to the theme parky feel).

The festival is HUGE.  We had to park about a mile away on the highway (as did everyone else). Apparently this is a known issue, so they have a tractor pulling hay bales to pick up festival goers and take them to the gates.

Cost is minimal.  It was $30 for our family to get in for the day.   The activities are off the wall. They have jousting.  JOUSTING.  Live jousting with decked out knights in amour riding real horses holding real lances and really hitting each other.  Some of the jousters came all the way from Sweden!

It was quite the spectacle to watch.  All of the participants and festival MC's go all out and stay in character the whole time.

There was also highland dancing, hatchet throwing.  archery contests and highland strong man competitions where these massive dudes in kilts tried to fling a "sheep" (oblong medicine ball) over what can only be described as a high jump bar.

Walking through the festival grounds, there was a market where you could
buy all sorts of folk jewelry, artwork and wares. Intermingled among the fair grounds were entertainers on stilts, belly dancers, King and Queen Processions,  Birds of Prey demonstrations, random battles and life size chess competitions.  Food was super cheap, $2 would get you an ice cream or popcorn.  Burgers were $3,00.

How come I never knew about this?

Much to Logan's delight there was also a fenced in farm area where you could pet animals.  He fell in love with a black and white kitten.  I had to avoid eye contact with him or that kitten would have come home with us.

Logan had fun for sure, he likes being outside.  Zach LOVED it.  It was filled with his "people".  Wonderfully quirky geeks and gamers who came out in full regalia.  He was busting.

We had brought a picnic, so we found an unoccupied grassy knoll and chilled out with some yummy fare.  Festival goers were allowed to bring in anything they wanted, so tons of people brought coolers and whatnot.

The festival is held every two years and I cannot wait for the next one.  It was such a great way to spend the day.



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What did you make these Templar shields out of? I have been thinking of dressing up my boys as knights. Btw, excellent post and pictures! :D

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