Monday, July 11, 2016

Flushed away

We were at the cabin for Canada Day.

We had bought fireworks, bought treat for the kids, liquid treats for the grown ups and were all set for a great weekend.

We arrive at the cabin on Thursday night.  Thankfully tick season is on the way out. Those things are revolting.  *Shudder*

All was going well, everyone was having a good time until after supper on Friday night.  Again, Logan's stomach pains had returned.  As per doctors instructions we had been bombarding his system with water, high fibre foods and laxatives.  That's a party right there.  However, nothing seemed to be moving despite our best efforts.

Enough was enough.  We headed into Brandon hospital determined to insist that they do something.  The wait was BRUTAL.  Two and a half hours sitting in the waiting room.  Brandon's hospital waiting room is kind of goofy.  It isn't very big and when you first walk in, you can't really see the triage nurses who are behind this half wall.  If you came in with something serious they wouldn't see you right away.  Don't like it at all.

After what seems like decades, we finally got in.  They felt Logan's stomach and it was still really firm.  Since we had tried all the other preliminary methods, they decided to do an enema.  They told Logan that and he said ok.  When the doctors left the room to prepare it, Logan leaned over and asked what an enema was.  Logan's eye's went the size of saucers, "they are going to put what...WHERE???".

Needless to say that was a pretty traumatic experience, for both of us, but mostly for Logan obviously.  While the doctors reassured him that it wouldn't be painful, the stomach cramping that occurred during was pretty bad.  Although it did seem to work, I think a boot and a Lego from 2005 came out of him.

After the whole extravaganza, we didn't get home until about 2am.  But on a positive note, Logan was feeling so much better.  The doctors advised us to stay on the laxatives for a little while longer and after that to continue cranking up the water and fibre.

Since we missed doing the fireworks on Friday, we decided to have a do-over on Saturday, but unfortunately it rained so we couldn't.  Instead, we are going to keep the fireworks and hold onto them for when we come back out in August.

So it wasn't a great Canada Day long weekend, but since Logan has been feeling so much better it was worth it.


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