Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Crash and Burn

No clever way to introduce this post, so I'm just going to dive in... Cool?

Our pantry is a little unique in that it's a walk through pantry meaning you can get access to from the kitchen or coming in from the garage which is quite handy when bringing in groceries.

On one side is the standard organizers.  On the other is a cut out (similar to a bump out) where we put a apartment size freezer.  Again, quite handy because the fridge freezer is quite small.

Above the freezer is a whole schwack of dead space.  So Brad installed some organizers above it.  Perfect. There were no studs, so we used those drywall plug things, which seemed to work just fine....for 2 years anyways.

On the weekend we were sitting in the living room (or great room I guess you call it, but I can't buy into that name) and we heard a MASSIVE crash...

We jumped up and ran in the direction of the noise.  There in our pantry, well more specifically, on the floor of our pantry was the additional shelf as well as it's contents.  The shelf had finally had enough of the isometric contraction and released causing the screws to rip out of the wall.

Isn't that just kick you in the cr*tch, spit on your neck fantastic.

First up we had to remove the carnage, which is now lumped into a massive eye sore of a pile in my living room.

Brad then got to work fixing the wall.  He added some wood to the existing studs (that were too far apart for us to anchor into.  The extra wood meant that when we put the shelf back up we wouldn't have to use those drywall plugs.

Now, our pantry is a warm grey.  When we built the house, we had them paint the whole house this neutral color with the expectation that once we were in, we would change the colors over time.  Case in point, Logan's room is now orange, Zach's is now blue.

So I am taking this to be an opportunity to paint and I want  color. With that in mind, Logan and I (who likes to get out and about and is always game for tagging along) went to home depot.  I asked Logan his opinion and he said what about lime green?

Hmmmm.... good call kid.  We chose a bright lemon lime green.  It looked like a big pop of color under the florescent lights, but it was a bit subtler when we held up the chip in the pantry.  Still, we are going to go with it.  All that's left is for Brad to finish up the wall.

Can't wait.

So that was the "Crash" part.  "Burn" part coming up.  Our backyard is a disaster.  Well, maybe disaster is too harsh... perhaps neglected it better.  We can't decide what we want to do or how we want to organize everything, so it's somewhat like Living Prairie museum at this point.

That being said, we have a fence, so our little eyesore doesn't bother anyone else or so we thought.  Turns out our neighbour (Let's call him Herb) is not a fan (I suppose he can see our backyard from his top floor)  and complained.    Not to us of course, that would be direct and the most logical, but to our friend Dave across the street.

Interesting choice of gossip buddy considering our friend Dave has a son Blaise.  Herb got a new dog last month.  Do you know what they named the dog?  Blaze, knowing full well that was the name of the little boy across the street. Classy.  So given that, I was surprised that Dave was up for a chat.

Herb told Dave that he was going to call the cops about our backyard.  Ok, here's my problem with that.  1) Our front yard is the epitome of perfection, manicured lawn, flowers etc. So in terms of curb appeal, there are no issues.  2) Our backyard is the only area with weeds and whatnot (which are there yes, but not super bad, it's mostly dirt.) and city legislation doesn't give a flying f*ck about your backyard. 3)  Given all of the stuff that the cops have to deal with; murders, theft etc, I'm fairly confident that they do not give a rat's a$$ about weeds....

But despite not being a fan of our weeds, Herb and his wife enjoy theirs.  Alot.  Like ALOT alot.  At least 3 or 4 times a week you'll walk outside and about 30 minutes later get the munchies...  In a added tidbit of info, the neighbour on the other side of Herb is a cop.

That's where the irony kicks in. Herb want to call the cops because of my weeds, even though he enjoys his weeds while living next to a cop.  You can't make this stuff up.  Cherry on the Irony cake is that Herb named his dog BLAZE...subtle.

I don't want to be that neighbour, so on Sunday, I headed out into the backyard to pull some weeds.  We had a fire going in the fire pit so I burnt some.  It was for the pure irony of it, but I couldn't resist.

Backyard was now all cleaned up so we headed inside after having dinner outside.  While getting the boys ready for bed, I went over to Logan's window to close the blind and happened to glance over into Herb's yard.  Herb has two dogs that stay outside all the time.  They are really quiet so I have no cause for complaint, but I've never seen anyone in the city do that before.

I guess the two dogs got bored and turned their attention to the rather beautiful and expensive patio furniture; those cushions didn't stand a chance.  I can best compare their backyard to running a kleenex though the laundry....

As of Monday night, the stuffing situation was even worse as they hadn't cleaned up the first foray into quilting supplies before the puppies tore into cushions 3 and 4.

Well hey diddly ho there neighboreenos! Karma Much?


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Herb! Lol!

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