Monday, July 11, 2016


Zach came home on Friday early from the cabin.  He was supposed to stay out for two weeks, but in true Preston fashion there was some weird drama. I'm used to it by now. So when my Mum called to fill me in on the latest event, I just sighed...That sounds about right...

On Friday my Dad and Zach were getting ready to go fishing.  We are a about a 3 mile walk down to the river (from a place where you can launch a boat anyhow), which is too far to walk, so they hopped in Dad's new truck.

Dad has a hard shell case for his fishing rods, so he put those in the backseat along with the tool boxes and shut the door.  Two things then unfolded.

One, instead of the rods lying horizontal in the backseat, they were vertical.  Since Dad had a lot of other gear in the back seat, the case was leaning on the window.  Not thinking anything of it, Dad piled everything into the back seat.

Second, the way he slammed the door in that it caused everything to shift.  The case was stuck up against the back of the seat and had no room to adjust when the door slammed, and physics determined that the force had to go somewhere, which in this case meant out the back of the glass window.

Dad and Zach just stared in disbelief at the truck's shattered window.  While Zach is prone to over reacting in emotional situations, in these kind of situations, he is really calm.  Mum said Zach made a little face and a chuckle and went back to the cabin to get something to collect all the glass.

My Dad is used to getting himself into these situations and just went, "OK, so we're in this room now".

There was no way they could stay with the back window shattered, so they headed back to the city to get it prepared.  While I'm sorry that the window shattered, it was nice to have Zach home for the weekend.

We kept it pretty low key; headed over to Sean and Erin's to celebrate Jerrit's birthday.  Since it was so nice out, we hung out on the patio and played some bocce.

Everyone was having a few drinks, but I noticed Brad was getting really tipsy which is so bizarre because he only had a few.  At the end of the night, I was concerned that he wasn't able to drive, so I took us home the two blocks back to our place.

Almost immediately after we got home Brad started getting sick. The obvious conclusion here is that he had too much to drink.  Speaking from past experience, in this type of situation you get sick once or twice and that's that.

But Brad got sick all night.  ALL NIGHT.  He finally stopped somewhere north of 5 am and subsequently spent all of Saturday in bed with chills and a fever.  He's been fighting a cold for over a week, so perhaps this was a touch of the flu or something?  Who knows.  While he was camping out in bed, Logan and I went to visit GG to see how she was doing.

My cousin Angie recently got diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  They did surgery a few weeks ago and while the full pathology isn't back yet, they are thinking it's likely stage 3 or 4.  She has to go for 18 weeks of chemo.  Depending on whether it's stage 3 or 4 will determine whether she goes once a week or once every three weeks.

The entire family is rallying trying to figure out ways we can help.  GG is really upset so I wanted to go over for a visit.  My Aunt popped in while I was there, which was great because I was able to talk with her and hear how Angie is doing.  Ovarian cancer is the sh*ts because its symptoms are pretty subtle until it's advanced.  Although all signs point to the fact that they may have caught it relatively early which is a blessing.  I am not one for religion by any stretch of the means, but in this case, I really am praying for her.

Sunday Brad was feeling a little better, but still not quite up to snuff.  Logan hates hanging out at home.  His catch phrase at the house is "I want to go DO something!".

Zach was home, so I agreed that we should all go out.  The weather was slightly overcast, but warm so something outdoors seemed like a good option.  Since I hadn't been to the zoo since the new exhibits/renovations have been we decided to go there.

WOW.  What a difference. It's so new and modern, it really looks amazing.  Logan was really anxious to show me the Journey to the Artic exhibit so we headed there first.

That is an incredible exhibit.  Seriously, it's amazing.  Polar bears and seals and a glass tunnel where you can see them swimming above almost as if you were under the ice.

From there we headed over to the Dinosaur alive.  Out of this world.  While you are walking through a forest, because of the heat and humidity yesterday, it felt like a true jungle.  The dinos are animatronic, but they put the characters of Chuckee Cheese to shame.  They look extremely real, even to the point where their sides expand and contract as if they were breathing.

The boys were really getting along and even let me take some pictures of them together, which honestly never happens, so I took full advantage of that.

Of course, being pre-teen boys they were being silly and goofy, but that's part of the charm.

Zach is never one to give me his true smile.  He's always making Jim Carrey type faces.  It was a magical day because I even got a real genuine smile on film.  A real smile AND my boys were getting along?  Pinch me.
 After going to the amazing exhibits, the Australian walkabout was pretty much a massive let down.  Large enclosure with patchy grass.  In the corner were about 15 Kangaroos just lazing on the ground.  There was no fence separating them from you which was kind of cool, but that was about where it ended.

My destination request was the butterfly exhibit with it's gorgeous gardens.  However, it was SO busy on Sunday that you could barely move, which took away from it a little.

Arguably the best part of the day is near they end when we stopped for lunch on a bench.   There are tons of prairie dogs at the zoo who run wild.  They all have numbers marked on their back with a sharpie; it kind of makes them look like they are running in a race or something.

The prairie dogs kept coming up to us.  Logan, who loves animals, offered some popcorn.  It was a major hit and soon we had tons of prairie dogs coming up for visits.  One of them even took some popcorn from Logan's hand.

It was a really good day for us.  Sunday night my mum came to pick up Zach.  Whenever there isn't the four of us together, it just feels very weird.

We had a nice salmon for dinner and Logan and I watched a movie before bed.

You have to love summer days.  I can't wait until our vacation later in August.


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