Friday, June 17, 2016

Wedding Bells

This past weekend Owen and Whitney got married.

Maybe it is because Owen is someone I am close to, but it was one of my favorite weddings ever.

It was held on the Art Gallery Rooftop which is an outdoor venue amid sculptures and beautiful views of the city.

In the week leading up to the wedding, the weather was for sh*t, but miraculously on the day, the sun was shining.

I knew that I wanted the boys to dress up, so the day before we set out to find them suits.  Logan already had a suit jacket and dress pants, but flat out refused to wear a tie. Fine...I decided to pick my battles.

Zach on the other hand has outgrown everything.  So I took him to Sears to get a jacket.  I was initially going to go to Moores or something, but it seemed crazy to to spend that much on a suit which was going to fit him for 10 minutes.

ZJ hates shopping.  HATES it.  While we were out shopping he looked like a toddler who had missed his nap.  Add to that Zach is the complete opposite of materialistic.  With the exception of video games, he thinks spending money is stupid (which is in direct contrast to his brother who is the ultimate consumer).  As he sat on the floor of the store looking angsty, he said, "Can't we just go to Value Village?"


He was convinced that was where he wanted to go, so off we went.  He went directly to the suit jackets, found one that fit (A Banana Republic one that he tried on in the aisle), bee lined to the dress shirts ( A Tommy Hilfiger one) and after snagging the shirt, found the raddest tie for $2.00 ( It was a dark grey with black graphic designs... skulls, video game controllers etc).  He has asked if he could wear the jacket with his dark black dress jeans and Aldo dress shoes that he had at home. You bet kiddo.

Total Cost?  $47.

Crazy, I was not expecting to get those brand names at Value Village!  Plus they looked brand new!  We got the suit jacket and shirt dry cleaned and he was ready to go.

The wedding itself was lovely.  Whitney looked amazing.  She is likely the only woman on the planet that could be 7 1/2 months pregnant and wear a poppy red backless dress.  So gorgeous.

Owen looked sharp in a well fitted grey suit.  But you know what?  They could have worn sweatpants and slippers and it wouldn't have mattered. Their happiness shone out of their faces like sunbeams and they could not have been able to look anything other than amazing.  I tried to get a good picture, but I was so caught in the moment that I forgot to take some!

In fact the whole wedding party was one of the nicer ones I've seen and I've seen a bunch of crazy bridesmaid dresses over the years.

Whitney's bridesmaids were stunning.  Satin or Silk ( it was hard to tell without going up and touching them, which I am quite confident would have been frowned upon) with splashes of black and red.  It completely fit in with the artsy venue.

My sister Jill (I called Owen and Jill my pseudo siblings) looked so beautiful.  Jill is super tiny.  So tiny that a size 0 is sometimes too big.  I am fairly confident my left thigh is bigger than her waist.  Her dress fit her like a glove. Jason shared a really great picture of them with me.

Jill is a very elegant woman and constantly reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.  You very rarely see her drink very much, so it was a bit of a novelty to see her tipsy and out on the dance floor letting loose.

Oh! Almost forgot, Owen's friend Paul was hands down the best MC in the history of forever.  No joke, that guy killed it.

All in all, it was a really great day and I could not be happier to have Whitney in the family officially, but truth be told, she been a part of the family for awhile :) .


Lisa said...

Well, it is really a great news. I am quite happy to hear such a lovely news about the big day. While you welcome Whitney officially in your family, I wish all the happiness and love to both of you.

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