Monday, June 6, 2016

Exercise is Evil

Well no, not really.  But it can hurt like a b*ugger if you've neglected it for awhile.

On Saturday, I thought I would go do a workout DVD.  It's just like any other one with a collage of super fit ladies deck out in yeast infection inducing gym wear.

First off, I am brutal at any and all footwork.  So step together is my go to if things go sideways.  This particular DVD is fairly easy in terms of footwork so that's a bonus.  It is a combination of cardio/weights.  You sweat your butt for 10 minutes of hard core cardio, then do 15 minutes of weights on loop for an hour.  In this particular workout, you do a lot of squats, plies, lunges, dips all of which promise to have a tushy that you could bounce quarters off of by the time you're done.

During the workout I am usually fine, which means I always push it about as hard as I can go, being
unjustifiably overconfident about what I am capable of.  This inevitably results in a major case of muscle regret the next day.  The day after and the dreaded day 2 are never pretty.

Sunday I was sore, but I figured moving around would help loosen things up, so I went for an hour long walk with Brad.  Once back, I wanted to get Zach out into the sunshine so we went for a really long bike ride.

If you recall from my earlier note, the idea was to loosen up my muscles.  Well, if the way I feel now is "loose", then I cringe to think what I would feel like if I hadn't moved around.  I am walking around like I have something quite uncomfortable shoved up my backside.

Sitting down is painful, so much so that I have to breathe through it. As I sat down at the dinner table, all three of my boys were staring at me with genuine concern.  Gawd forbid I drop something on the floor, because unless it's absolutely necessary for my current existence, it's staying there until Tuesday.

For added fun, I seem to have tweaked my knee a bit, but it's no big deal, it's not like you use them everyday.

Let's recap shall we:

1. When I attempt to sit down, I wince in pain like I have a serious case of hemorrhoids.
2. Attempts to pick things up off the ground are met by kicking said object towards someone who is capable of bending over
3.  My left knee has run out of f*cks to give and is taking some time off.

But whatever, it should taper off in the next day or so and I'll give it another go.


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