Monday, May 9, 2016

Wheels fell off (literally)

We had Owen's wedding social this past weekend.  It's hard to believe how fast the wedding is coming up! Their social was at the Reset club on Pembina.  It was a nice change.  All of the past socials I've been to have been at community centers.  This one was a more intimate gathering and it was really nice to catch up with the fam.  Whitney looked beautiful, I'm looking forward to the wedding.

My Mum came with us to the social so it was just easier if she spent the night at our place.  Sunday morning we woke up and Brad and the boys had made us a nice brunch.  I'm not big into the whole pomp and circumstance of the day.  It's nice and all, but as long as I'm hanging with my boys, all is good.

After brunch we went and visited GG.  She was still in the dining room when we got there, which was perfect.  I've noticed that in seniors blocks, the residents are extremely proud when people come visit and love showing them off to their friends. Needless to say GG was thrilled that my Mum, Brad the boys and I all came.

We gave her a box of her favorite Laura Secord jellies and had a nice visit.  Later, we went to the Pet Store.  Logan loves animals.  LOVES them.  He was in his glory, holding all the bunnies, gerbils and guinea pigs.  They didn't have much in the way of cats and dogs, but he did get to spend some time with a lovely little black cat.

Once home we decided to go for a bike/inline skate.  I hopped on my cruiser bike and the boys laced up.  All was going really well until about 45 minutes into our ride when Zach started lagging behind.  He asked to stop every 15 minutes or so for a rest, which is unlike him.

Initially we thought he was just not in the mood for a skate, but them we discovered at that the rubber on his wheels had disintegrated and was coming apart from the center portion.  Two wheels on his left skate and one on his right we not spinning.  So essentially he was attempting to skate with the brakes on.  Whoops.

I wasn't about to make him skate home like that, so I gave him my bike and I walked home.

It was such a beautiful day that we decided to stay outside.  Lots of fun.  The boys then decided to luge down the driveway with their skateboards.  Logan took my phone and did a go-pro esque video.  Too funny.

Since our backyard is still a field of mud (plan is to fix that this summer), we got our redneck on again and grilled some steaks in the driveway.  We had the lawn chairs, music, boys playing basketball.  Our neighbors Dave and Sylvie came by with their 1 yr old son Blaise.  Good times.

Later that evening, we had to pack Zach up for camp.  He is going to Camp Cedarwood for 3 days with school.  I remember the junior high trip, ours was the Grade 8 Winter Camp.  Still remember that...sigh.....

So that was my low key Mother's Day and it was awesome.

Happy Mothers Day to all of the amazing women in my life; mums of babies, mums with fur babies and ladies who look after those in their life which in my opinion is what Mothers do.

Love to you all.


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