Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Ride

Well that was fast.

Since I was off this morning, I was online as soon as the boys left for school searching for Trucks. Now, I know I was b*tching about how expensive trucks are and that is still true.  The thing is with our lifestyle we need a truck.

For all the things we do, a car isn't going to cut it.  So we knew we were going to have to bite the bullet.  I started looking at the 2015's thinking that would likely be our best option.  We are not so blessed to be in a position to drop 50+K up front, so we knew we'd have to finance the thing.

As I was looking around at all these offers, I began to notice something.  New trucks have 0% financing.  Used trucks have 5-6% financing.  A quick run of the numbers meant that it would actually be cheaper (around $20 biweekly) to buy a new truck rather than a 2015.

Ok then!

We ended up getting a brand spanking new 2016 Chevy Silverado, fully loaded.  For the first time I am going to be able to experience the bliss of a remote car start ( I swore that my next vehicle would have it...), the decadence of heated seats and the ability of being able to talk on my phone through the truck console.  There is also dual temperature controls so that Brad and I can each be comfy.  However, knowing us the way I do, there is going to be a clashing of low/high pressure systems and we may get thunderclouds over the center console.

Oh yeah and it also has 4 wheel drive, some suped up engine, sprayed in bed liner...blah blah blah, but come on... HEATED SEATS!

Given the piece of cr*p that we are currently driving they also gave us a good deal on the trade in, more than I expected,  5 years of free Onstar/Remote App capability, two years of free maintenance, free bed liner (basically a cover for the back of the truck bed).  The truck was already $6,500 off due to the Truck Month promo, but we also got an additional $1,000 off because of the "Loyalty discount", i.e. we've bought three vehicles from the same guy. So there's that.

We pick it up Friday.

Brad is pretty excited.  We've never bought a new truck before.  They have always been 1-2 years old.   I'm quite pumped to get it myself.   It's also in bad a** black.

Wooo Hooo!


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