Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hair of the Dog..or Salmon as it turns out

May 11 is my Wedding Anniversary.

As of 2016, it makes 14 years.

It always amazes me how fast it goes. When's you're a kid, time moves so slow.  The time between 8 and 9 years old seems like a decade.

Hit your thirties and it blows past in a blink of an eye.

As per most holidays/celebrations, we keep things low key except for the odd one (**ahem** Brad's birthday) that we light it up.

Brad wanted to go out for dinner this year.  We didn't really have any set plans on where we wanted to go.  I was leaning towards Fusion Grill, but Brad really likes the Keg,  Since I was kind of indifferent, the Keg it was.

Drinks, Appetizers and Main courses were all ordered and we actually had a chance to just be with eachother without running everywhere for the kids stuff, me working overtime or any other day to day task that keeps us so damn busy.

Everything was awesome.  I got my salmon and the first bites were amazing.  Bite three did not go so well. A big giant fat hair was stuck in my Salmon.

Gah!!  Ok. I'm done.

The server could not have been more nice.  She whisked it away and offered me anything else on the menu.  Yeah no.  I worked in restaurants.  You know what happens when you send food back or get the cooks in trouble because of a hair?  Bad things.  Bad bad things.

So that was a big nope.  I was done.  They obviously took care of that from the bill, bought us deserts, took care of our drinks and gave us a $25 gift card.  Which was great.  Honestly, it's just so "US".  Try to have a nice romantic meal and there is a hair in it.  Or last weekend, when we tried to have a nice Mothers Day bike/rollerblade and the wheels fell off Zach's skates.

You have to laugh.  Really you do.

There are all kinds of relationships and they are all awesome.  Whatever makes you happy is the way to go... I love my goofball.


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