Monday, May 16, 2016

Gobble Gobble

As I was leaving work on Friday, my friend Debbie texted, "What time should I pick you up?"


I quadruple booked Friday night without realizing it.  I had made plans to go for a walk with Beth, plans to go over to the neighbours for a drink to celebrate Sylvie's birthday, Theatre plans with Debbie and plans to go to a movie with Logan.

What the h*ll?  Why did I do that, or better yet, how did I not remember I made plans.

In these types of situations, you could make up some convoluted excuse to get out of things, but I decided to go with honesty.

I couldn't bump theatre because we had already changed tickets once, so I had to shuffle everything else.

Explained to Beth the situation and we agreed to bump the walk to next week as she was working all weekend.  Texted Sylvie about the party thinking I would go over for a drink after theatre, but evidently Dave (Sylvie's husband) had already texted Brad to say that the party was off because Sylvie came down with something and wasn't feeling well.

Brad and Zach left for the cabin on Friday night.  Logan was originally supposed to go, but he decided at the last minute to stay home.  This is the reason that I made movie plans with Logan, but it also threw a wrench into my theatre plans because Logan isn't old enough to stay home alone.

Debbie's son Seth is friends with Logan, so I asked if Logan could stay at their place while we went to theatre.  No problem.

Whew. Crisis averted - off to theatre.  The play was called Boom and was a one man show about Baby Boomers.  I was prepared to hate it.

But instead, it was nothing short of amazing and honestly, one of the best performances I have ever seen.

The set was a plain stage with what looked with a cylindrical tube in the center made out of a translucent mesh, big enough for a man to stand inside.

The story was told via three conversations between the main actor and his mother, his father and an old flame of his mother, each having a different perspective of the baby boomer generation.

What made the play amazing, was he took the audience through the years from 1950 to 1969 - touching on history, music and the family stories that occurred during that time.  As he was speaking, images would be projected onto the fabric surrounding him  and on the stage floor that highlighted the story and facts about the year would scroll across the top.  He would intermingle the top hits of the day in between all the history and family conversations.  That description doesn't do it any justice, it was nothing short of incredible.

Got home late Friday evening after going over to Debbie's place for awhile after theatre, but was wide awake.  Whenever that happens, I usually clean, so clean I did.

I decided to tackle my pantry.  Like anything else, over time it had gotten disheveled and needed a complete overhaul.

I took everything out and I do mean EVERYTHING.  Awhile back, I had a bought a bunch of IKEA storage tubs with the intention of tidying the pantry at some point, so I dug those suckers out.  Organizing for me is cathartic, so while it wasn't a wild and crazy Friday night, it was awesome.

I moved all the baking to top shelf, and organized things into sections; Breakfast, Dinners and the Boys lunches(granola bars, juice boxes etc).

See the picture?  While it might not qualify for a pinterest post, I was quite pleased with it.

Saturday morning Logan and I were up bright and early, which is strange, because I usually go inter hibernation mode on weekends.

Logan has recently got into a skater socks kick.  They are these brightly patterned socks that go up to just below your knee.

They are pretty cool and Logan loves them.  Essentially his entire allowance goes to the purchasing of these socks as of late.

Saturday morning he asked if we could head to the mall to go to Zumiez to but some more.  I needed to pick up some new runners for myself anyways, so off we went.

With Brad gone with the truck, we had to take the bus.  It's a 20 minute bus ride, so no big deal.

Logan found the socks he wanted, but as he was trying them on, I noticed his shoes had completely fallen apart.  The soles were coming off, his toes were poking through etc.  Evidently, we were going to be buying him new shoes as well, so off we went to Sportchek.  Logan is in that really goofy size.  He's a size 7 which is the top of the kids sizes and bottom of the mens.  Before leaving Sportchek, I found a pair of nice purple Adidas (my favorite brad) 50% off, so that was a good score

Kids shoes have really no selection in that size, and if they do, they are big versions of childish shoes and Logan wasn't having any of it.  We went over to the mens section, which had some nice skate shoes, but as expected the mens sizes didn't really start until size 8.  Fantastic.

We hit up payless, but their selection of size 7 was even worse.  It centered around black pull on loafers.  I'm not even kidding.

As we were walking back with plans to go to shoe warehouse across the street we saw Footlocker.  I haven't been in Foot Locker in years and even then it was a Lady Foot Locker with my Mum who was getting decked out in pastel colored lounge wear.

But as luck would have it, they had some cool styles and in Logan's size!  The only trouble was that the color  he wanted, a pair of grey Van's, weren't in stock.  Harrumph.

But the manager of the store was great and said he could order a pair in and have it shipped to us for free.  Well that certainly works!

Added bonus is that they were only $50!  Mental note to hit up Foot Locker more often.

Saturday night Logan and I just hung out, watched movies and snuggled on the couch.  It was really nice.

Sunday Brad and Zach were scheduled to come home.  I was anxious to hear how their hunting trip went.  Now, before any anti-hunters people go off on their rants, they were hunting Turkey's, not elephants or any endangered species and if you eat Turkey at Thanksgiving, where exactly do you think it comes from?

Plus, it is was healthier because they are truly "Free-Range" and have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics or anything.

Brad really wanted Zach to get one, and they lucked out.  They had hunted all day Saturday and came up with nothing.  They went back to the cabin and were sitting on the deck relaxing when they heard some turkey's fighting, an unmistakable sound.

Seeing as our cabin is the sole one on 80 acres, you are perfectly entitled to shoot a turkey from the comfort of your deck chair.  But in this case, they opted to go into the back yard.  Zach said it was almost like a cartoon.  As they were sneaking up on the turkey's, Brad stepped on a rake and it swung up and hit him smack in the face.

Since they didn't want to make any noise, Brad had to swallow a grunt and they continued their pursuit.  They both were able to get shots in and bagged two turkey's.

It was a pretty great Father/Son moment and they walked into the house on Sunday night completely triumphant.  The turkey's were 15 lbs each.  Zach was just busting he was so happy.

All in all, a pretty great weekend, well... apart from Brad's bruised face...


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