Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I honestly never thought I'd get my knickers in a twist over puppies.

Awhile back our floor at work set up a mini golf tournament. Teams each designed golf holes in the hallways on the floor and then each team golfed all the holes.

Everyone was super creative designing the holes. There was even prizes for the best hole.  My personal favourite was a team who offered a bribe of chocolate eggs to sway voters.  How awesome is that?

Right outside my office was a hole that had a puppy theme. Super cute at the time.

As soon as the event was over, tear down was in full swing. Within an hour or so you'd never have known anything went on; with one exception; The puppies.

All along the office walls were color pictures of puppies. Puppies in baskets, puppies playing with toys....

Apparently it was decided (by whom is a very reasonable question) that the puppies added to office decor and they should be left up.

So now, every time I walk in and out of my office I have to walk past those damn puppies. I will admit that it's taking quite a bit of willpower not to rip them down.

But seriously, a 14year old girl with pictures of puppies on her walls... Adorable.

Pictures of puppies on the walls of grown adults just screams sad middle age single woman.

Please, please, please let something unfortunate happen to those damn puppies.



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