Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I love reading; always have.

I was a pretty big geek in elementary and junior high and I remember that I read so many Nancy Drew she might as well have been my best friend.

When I went to England with my mum in the late 80s, they had more Nancy Drew editions than I could get in Canada and I was nearly lost my mind.  I sought out any opportunity to get new books and one of the best was the scholastic book club at school, which is still in existence.  Every month or so they send home order forms and you can pick up some decent books fairly cheap.

I can't remember the majority of books I got through scholastic except for one, "The toothpaste genie".  This book resonated with me.    It's about this young girl Amanda who finds a genie in her tube of toothpaste and grants her some wishes.  One of her wishes is for a baby sister.  The trouble is the genie is an apprentice and ends up screwing up all of her wishes.

As a kid I always love the idea of being granted wishes, I mean who doesn't right?  The other thing was that I am a only child.  Some think that this comes with a lot of benefits; no sharing toys, no arguing with siblings etc.  While that is true, you miss out on a lot.  That camaraderie between siblings is unmatched.  Even if you aren't overly fond of each other sometimes, you always know that if your life inexplicably went pear shaped, they would be there for you.

So the fact that this girl was wish for a baby sister was something I intrinsically understood.  This would explain why I read the book over and over and over.

Obviously at some point I outgrew the book and it must have been donated to a library or sold in a garage sale.  I always remembered it though and when the boys started getting scholastic book orders sent home, I found myself looking for it.

Cue online shopping.  I don't know why it didn't occur to me before, but why not buy it online?  Easier said than done.  While you can find the book in the catalog at Chapters and other online book stores, it's out of print.  Most libraries don't carry scholastic book, so that was out.

I tried Kijiji in case some local person was looking to get rid of it.  Finally, I searched on Amazon. Score!  The offers were all on used books, which made sense given that it was out of print.  There were only 4 hits for the book, $3; $6 and $30.

For the life of me I can't justify why the book would be $30, even if it was in pristine condition.  So the frugal girl in me kicked in and I bought a used copy for $3.  Shipping was $6, but $9 for some hardcore childhood nostalgia is a pretty sweet deal.

The book arrived in the mail the other day and I can't wait to read it all over again.


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