Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Banking on Mortification

Last week I took the boys to get bank accounts.  They were super pumped.. well Logan was anyways.  Zach is the most un-materialistic kid I have ever met.  You could be out shopping and ask if he wants anything, but he never says yes.  Logan on the other hand is the ultimate consumer... he wants everything and so the idea that he could have his own bank card was positively irresistible.

I had made the appointment earlier in the week, so we showed up at the appointed time.  When we got there we were ushered into a little office.  The bank rep asked us if we would be ok if there was a trainee doing the work today.  Whenever anyone ever asks me this, I can never say no.  At the same time, I knew that this would all but double the length of our appointment.

Logan was up first, gave all the particulars and when she finally gave him his bank card, he was just busting with excitement.  Any excursion that takes Zach away from his computer programming/gaming is bothersome to Zach and he just wanted to get it over with.

After what seemed like an ungodly amount of time given the simple task we set out to do, we left the bank and walked back to the truck.

I hopped up into the truck and got myself sorted.  I looked down at my feet and saw this:
In case you aren't sure of what you are seeing there, let me help.  That bright blue/black polka dotted fabric poking out the leg of my jeans is a pair of my underwear.

Mortified much?

In getting ready to go to the bank, I had grabbed my jeans out of the dryer.  I didn't shake them or apparently notice that there was a pair of underwear in the leg.  Either the bank reps didn't notice or they were too polite to say anything.  Regardless, I was pretty embarrassed.  The only thing that could have made it worse is if the underwear had managed to free itself from the confines of my pant leg and escaped to the wide open expanses of the bank's shockingly white tile floor where it would have been impossible to ignore.

Well, I suppose you have to laugh at these things.  You can't take life too seriously and need to be able to find the laughter.  

With my bright blue undies on full display, I can without a doubt say that I found the funny.


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