Tuesday, April 19, 2016

40 is the new 20

Brad turned 40 on April 15.  40!

What the h*ll?  When did that happen?

Not to get overly nostalgic or anything, but it was yesterday we were just friends sitting in the Armes Building Wind Tunnel studying for Bio.

Fast forward (literally) 17 years and we have been married for 14 years, have two kids and one of us has turned the big 4-0.

Brad would never say he wanted a big birthday party.  He would have been quite content to have a quiet dinner at home.  But this is no ordinary birthday and attention must be paid.

A month or so before his birthday I contacted one of my friends who has a bakery side business she runs out of her home.  She was the one who saved me at Christmas and did all my baking!  I told her what I wanted and knew she would knock it out of the park and she totally did.

Debbie and Jen
Since his birthday fell on a Friday, we decided to have the party on the actual day.  I tried to do as much prep work as I could in advance because April is a busy month work wise.

Ordinarily I would have done all the prep work myself (veggie trays, appetizers...etc).  This time, nope.  I bought everything and you know what?  It was worth every penny.

Erin and Dave
The party was great.  Almost everyone we invited was able to come making it a pretty full house.  Our core posse :) (Sean, Erin, David, Debbie, Jarrod{I've never actually spelt his name before!  Hope I got it right!!} and Kat) came of course, along with Nick, Leslie, Jill, Jason, Owen, Whitney, Beth, Jen, David and Sylvie.

Jen and Beth 
I found myself constantly going around the room introducing everyone.  At one point I was standing with Debbie (blond in the above picture) and was going around the room rattling off names.  When I reached the last group, I introduced her to "my good friends Sean and Erin".  Please see above paragraph where I mention that Sean, Erin, Debbie, David, Jerrod, Kat, Brad and I hang out all the time, it was a pretty embarrassing moment, one that Sean is not going to let me forget anytime soon.
Jill and Owen
There was tons of laughs, drinks flowing, including a very special shot.  Every year Brad goes deer hunting at our cabin.  Whenever someone bags a deer, they celebrate with a "Buck Fart".  It is a shot of layered Kahlua, Baileys and Rye.  It's really good.   It took a little convincing to get some of the ladies involved, but we got full buy in,.  We lined them all up and everyone (apart from Whitney who is expecting) had one.

David and Brad

As a side note, I should mention that my friend David is wearing an ACDC t-shirt because he thought our party was a redneck theme party that required guests dressing up.  It wasn't of course, but it was pretty funny when both he and Sean came decked out in both jorts and camo.
Jason, Jill, Leslie and not the best pic of Nick!
I tired to remember to take pictures, but in all the well mannered frivolity, I was falling behind.  It's a good thing Erin stepped up.  She found my phone and started snapping away.  She took a lot of gems including the above one.  I am still waffling on whether that gorgeous face on Nick is intentional.

As per usual with our group, beer pong manifested.  We managed to get newbies into the mix.  I am terrible at the game, which is odd considering how much we play it.  This go round we also added a portable corn hole game which sounds lame, but it's actually pretty fun.
Sean and Sylvie

Jerrod and Kat
The party started to wind down around 1 am, but the core stayed for a long time.  I think we wrapped somewhere north of 4 am and I eventually headed to bed around 5 am.  Extra bonus was I had to be up for 9 am to get something done for work, so Saturday was brought to you by the makers of Advil and Caffeine.

It was probably one of our best celebrations ever and I'm so thankful that everyone came out to celebrate Brad.  He's the most standup, reliable good friend that anyone could ever have and add to that being the most supportive, kind and loving husband?  I'm a lucky girl.

Happy Birthday B.


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