Thursday, March 3, 2016

Do over

I have recently learned that the busy days are more frequent than not and you have to take time for yourself when you can.

My boss came in and suggested that if I didn't have anything pressing on Friday, I could take it off it I wanted.  Hallelujah.

I had tried to do this a few weeks back, but I ended up working from home both days, so you couldn't really call it a day off.

I am going to give it a go tomorrow however.  The good thing about that is it means I will be home to go to Zach's play off game.  Zach's team had their second play off game last night.  It was against a really good team.  They are good skaters, but are known for being rough out on the ice.

My friend Erin (whose son is also on the team) and I couldn't attend, so we asked our husbands to text updates during the game.  Apparently, it went as we suspected, the boys on the other side were quite rough.  Brad texted me that Zach got punched in the head... TWICE.  That takes serious balls on their part because Zach is almost always the tallest/biggest skater on the ice.  Generally speaking the other kids give him a wide berth.  I gave Zach major props for keeping his composure because if someone punched me in the head twice, we'd *ahem* be having a little chat.

We were down 2-0 when Erin's son got tripped and then cross checked from behind.    It was at this point that the parents on our team lost their proverbial sh*t.  Now, I know that I have said before that we need to back off on the refs, I still maintain that 100%.  If a ref misses an offside or a trip/hooking call... big deal, but a cross check from behind or getting punched in the head... you have to call those to keep the kids safe.  At the same time though, let the coaches do their job guys.

Le Sigh.  

Brad and Sean (Erin's husband) got really upset.  In the case where Evan got tripped and cross checked, all the parents started shouting at the refs.  Last to speak up, Sean said to the ref, "You have to call both!", meaning that the kid should have got called for both infractions.

At this point, the ref had enough of the yelling and tossed Sean and Brad from the game.  Not that I blame him really.  At some point you have to establish ground rules with the parents and not let them control the outcome of the game.

When Sean texted me to explain what happened I was less than impressed with the pair of them.

How am I supposed to teach my sons to be a class act when the see the parents acting like complete imbeciles.  Harrumph.

Anywoo... the drama must have lit a fire under the boys because with only half of the 3rd period to go, they tied up the game.  Since this is playoffs, there needs to be a winner, so it was off to overtime.

Sean and Brad were able to watch the game from the windows in the arena lobby, so Erin and I still got updates.

The boys made it through overtime with no one scoring, so the entire game will have to be replayed.  It's not like the NHL where you can go to third overtime.  They recognize that these are kids and after 4 periods of hockey, they are pretty much spent.

The do over will happen on Friday.  I can only hope that we have a new set of refs.  You would hope that a ref wouldn't hold a grudge, but given what they have to put up with, I can't really fault them if they did.

Logan has his playoffs this weekend as well.  Kids playoffs are a double knockout situation.  Everyone starts on the A side.  If you lose, you drop down to the B side.   A second loss on the B and you are out.  If you are on the B side and keep winning you can work your way back up, however it is a longer road.   Both boys are still on the A side.  Logan takes it more seriously than Zach.  At the moment Zach is pretty ticked off that the make up game tomorrow means he can't attend a buddies birthday party.  We explained that he made a commitment to his team and has to honour it; which he will... begrudgingly.

But that's playoffs.  Full of drama.


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