Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Nothing but love for ya

It was a glorious weekend.

I didn't open my laptop once.  I went to hockey game after hockey game, drank some wine, got in some good visits with friends and family and slept in.  Ohhhhmmmmmmm.

Friday night was grocery shopping.  It was cutting is pretty close.  I always have a budget in my head when we go grocery shopping but we generally as a rule go over.  It's tough, but things add up with those handy little PC points, so I have about $70 to cash in next time.  Score.

Saturday I was up at the butt crack of dawn for hockey.  That was painful let me tell you.  Brad always likes to be early for hockey, so we pulled into St. Vital arena and there wasn't a single car.  Logan got a little concerned we were at the wrong place.  No sweetie, your Dad is just a keener.

Game was good.  It was against the rival Dakota team.  A lot of the kids Logan played with last year and some of his best friends play on that team.  So it's always a good match up. The whooped us 5-0 the last time we played them at the beginning of the season, so the boys were pretty pumped when they beat them 10-2.  Logan got the first goal of the game.  Yes!

After hockey, we swung over to visit GG.  She wasn't expecting us until late afternoon, but we realized Zach had a game in the afternoon so we switched it up.  She loved our gifts and the goofy card.  The card was pretty cool actually.  It looked simple enough, but when you opened it up, there was a picture of a cake with a candle that lit up.  Nice.  Although, that by itself wouldn't be terribly exciting.  However, if you blew out of the candle (yes, literally gave it a good puff of air), the candle would go out and it would sing Happy Birthday with hidden firework lights.  It was a ridiculous $10.95, but worth it.  We took her down to the cafeteria in her block. I have come to realize that with senior citizens who live in a apartment block, it's a big deal to show off your grandkids when they come to visit.  We had to go around and be introduced to everyone.  You could tell it made her really happy.  I'm so glad that we were able to find the time to visit.

After visiting GG, we had Zach's game in the evening.    It was the strangest game full of firsts.    In the second period, two boys were battling for the puck and went crashing into the boards.  That's pretty standard except this time, they took the ref down with them.  The ref was on the ice for about 5 minutes.  That doesn't sound like much, but when you see someone go down, not moving on the ice, 5 minutes is a freaking eternity.  Thankfully the ref got back up and was able to continue on.  The entire arena burst out into cheers and the ref waved to the crowd like a rock star.  He was a middle age guy and although he shook it off, you knew he was going to feel that in the morning.  Chances are though he would modify the story a bit and leave out the part where two 12 year olds took hime out.

Later on in the second period, the other team got a penalty for hooking.  The kid who got the penalty was *ahem* not pleased with the call.  As the ref corralled him to the penalty box, you could hear him yelling at the ref and dropped a couple F bombs.  To which the ref responded with another penalty of un-sportsman like conduct.  That pissed the punk off even more and he took his stick, wound up and flung it down the ice.  Boom, gross misconduct call and ejection from the game.

Despite the reputation that some hockey players have of being total goons on the ice, this kind of behavior does not happen in 12 year old hockey.  Everyone was pretty shocked.  Erin and I were sitting there in disbelief.  
Century Arena is unique in that it has stands on both sides of the rink, which means that the two sides sit across from each other.  After the kid got ejected, all eyes were on the other teams parents sitting in the stands to see who that kid belonged to.  Sure enough, a mum popped up and made her way to the locker room.

The interesting thing here is that if you get ejected, you can't just get changed and go home.  Rules of Hockey Manitoba state that you have to remain dressed, sit in the locker room for the duration of the game and wait for your team to return.  It's an interesting rule, one I agree with.  If you act like a total imbecile, you should have to face your team mates when they get off the ice.    None of this, I get thrown out of the game and not have to face anyone.  The kid ended up getting a 5 game suspension, which means his season is over, he'll miss all of the playoff games.

Although, based on the reactions from the parents, this was not an isolated incident.  All I can say is that if either of my boys pulled that kind of act, I'd pull them from the game myself and that would be the end of their season.  Not kidding.  That is garbage.

Despite all the drama, Zach's team had a great game.  Zach also got the first goal of the game.  Go team Hargreaves!

Zach's team has been really playing well recently, so I hope that they make a good run in the playoffs.  I can't believe that the season is almost over.  Neither team went away for a tournament this year.  I never thought I would say this, but I missed it.  The trips are usually a really great time where the kids bond and the parents get to know eachother.  Without it, I never really felt that the parents gelled.

Saturday night, Brad and I had a nice dinner at home.  He roasted a big ham with veggies and salad, chilled some wine and we just relaxed and talked.  It had been awhile since we were able to do that.  The past little while it was like we were ships passing in the night.

Sunday morning we picked up Logan from his buddies place.  He had gone to Zach's place to hang out (It's weird that they call them play dates.  I am glad that the term has fallen out of fashion now that they are older).  He was supposed to go over for an hour or two, but I got a phone call asking if he could stay for dinner.  Ok.  I then got a phone call asking if he could sleep over.  Too funny.

From there the boys and I went to visit my cousin Dana and her little guy Easton.  He is so small!  Just an absolutely adorable little one.  My boys were so big when they were born that it was really foreign to hold such a tiny guy.  His little legs were like chicken wings.  Dana is a big Bomber fan, so I couldn't help but buy Easton a Bomber jersey.  Start them young.  I am sure that he will get more than one jersey as everyone knows Dana's a bomber fan, but Easton won't be the first guy to have more than one jersey in his closet.

Sunday afternoon was more hockey, the last game ending around 8pm.    The girls and I had made plans to get together for drinks around 9pm.  To some it would seem odd that we would leave our husbands to their own devices on Valentines, but here is my logic.  If you acknowledge the fact that Valentines days is all about the love, then that extends to your children and your friends.  My girls are a big part of my life and I love them like sisters.  It was only fitting that Beth, Jen, Jill, Rhonda and I sat down, had some wine and laughed until our cheeks hurt.

When we were younger, the talks centered around weddings and babies.  Now it's about the growing
pains of preteens and full blown teenagers.  It's nice to hear that you aren't the only one who loses their sh*t from time to time.  We talked about getting older and the fears that come with that.  I am
the youngest of the group and a little concerned with what they tell me I have to look forward to.  However, life is life, always changing.  Whatever happens, we'll get through it laughing our heads off.

Monday we did nothing.  NOTHING.  Well, I suppose that isn't quite true.  From the leftover ham, Brad made some split pea soup, which was amazing.  For dinner, he cooked up some venison Jambalaya.  So good.  Gotta say, I like a man who can  cook.

So that was my weekend.  I took today off to give myself a 4 day weekend.  Heading into work for Wednesday/Thursday and then off Friday/Monday.  Two long weekends in a row.  Sweet.

I suppose I should use this day to get caught up on some things while the boys are at school.  But you know what?  That can wait.  What cannot wait is re-watching the entire series of Breaking Bad while I kill time until the next season of Orange is the new Black comes out.

It's important to get your priorities straight.


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