Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What's Apnea with you?

For some time I've had trouble sleeping. My partner in crime snores (like everyone does from time to time).

Lately however it's gotten really bad. One night last week, I was lying awake for a few hours trying to fall asleep. The second I would drift off, I'd be woken up by snoring.

Somewhere north of 3:00am, I left and bunked in with my son. But the whole procedure of getting up, finding a blanket to serve as a mattress meant that the by the time I settled in I was wide awake.


After that horrific night, Brad and I talked. It's gotten to the point whereby in legitimately concerned that he has an issue. Whether it be swollen adenoids or sleep apnea, we need to get it addressed.

Part of my concern, apart from my not being able to sleep, is that Brad would go to bed at 9:00pm, wake up at 5:00am, which is a good 8 hours and be exhausted.

I generally get 6 hours at best, being a night owl. But 6 full hours is enough for me to have a normal day. 7-8 hours and I feel like I'm coming off a vacation or something.

Brad would never make an appointment like this for himself, so I had to make the call.  Thursday morning he will start the process with going to his GP, which I imagine will then be followed by a visit to and ENT and potentially a sleep study.

Not that you ever want something to be wrong, but in this case we know there is and we need to get him some help.

Fingers crossed that a full night sleep will be upon us.

Sweet Dreams.


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