Tuesday, January 12, 2016


It's January. Well obviously, I mean if you're reading this there is no way you just said to yourself, "OMG! No way!".

The standard thing is January is to begin the heathy regime if nothing else than to make up for the myriad of sins that you committed over the holidays.

I am no exception to this. Generally speaking for me, the easiest (but arguably the most difficult) thing I can do is cut out wine.

Gulp (or no gulp I it would seem).

This is poor timing as for my birthday Brad bought me a wine kit. 30 bottles of wine are currently brewing.

There is something about telling myself I am going to eat healthy that turns my brain turns into a giant set of lips looking for chocolate to f*ck.

What makes it even more difficult is the long hours I am working. It means that if I want to eat healthy I have to plan ahead. But even if I do, the boys eat it.

Case in point, I made a delicious couscous lunch with a spinach/eland salad.  This morning I went down to pack my lunch and it was gone.  Logan admitted he ate it without a shred of remorse.

It's like they are giant black holes for food and it's not just junk food they look for. Carbs are top of their list, cereal, bread, noodles are the first things to disappear, followed closely by eggs and cheese. Once they gnaw their way through those they come looking for anything else. Anything else means my healthy lunch sitting helpless and unprotected.

I've tried putting notes on it that says "mums lunch-don't touch" which doesn't deter them.  Zach ate my lunch once and replaced with a can of soup. The soup had my original note stuck to it with an additional comment that said "sorry mum-but have this as a replacement".

Swiper no swiping! (Horrid Dora the explorer reference) Gawd that show was terrible. A little kid walks around with a map talking to strangers while a fox tried to steal her stuff.  Where were her parents in all this? The amount of kids programs where the parents are absent or dead is shockingly high (Pinnocio, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, Wreck it Ralph, Lilo and Stich, Batman,Guardians of the Galaxy...)

Whoops got a little off track there. What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, healthy eating.

I will continue to work at eating healthy and finding creative ways to protect my concous from the food thieves I live with.

I would end this with "Cheers", but since that is on my reserved list at the moment, instead I will end with something more appropriate.



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