Saturday, January 30, 2016

oh for f**ks sake

Let's lead with the fact that I always mean well.

The other day I was making the boys breakfast.  I went into the pantry to grab some frozen waffles.  Fed the monsters and got us all out the door.

Came home to Brad making the face that he does when I've messed something up utterly.

Apparently in my haste to feed the monsters and get us all out the door, I left the freezer lid open. 


Thankfully, nothing melted which is kind of a miracle really.  Although, Brad keeps the house at a frosty 17C during the day which probably helped a little.

I vowed that I wouldn't let it happen again.

Ugh.  Why do I make promises I can't keep?

Do you ever find yourself immersed in projects that you didn't plan on doing?  When I came home from grocery shopping I got thoroughly annoyed at the disorganization of my freezer, so I took everything out and reorganized it.  It's a thing of beauty now.

It's an apartment size freezer, but we do have a full size freezer in the basement.  One of the things that I took out of the upstairs freezer was the insert to our ice cream maker.  You keep this thing frozen and when you're ready to make ice cream, you pop it in.  Quite handy.

But it's awkward and due to it's somewhat weird shape, it takes up a lot of space.  I thought it was a good idea to move it to the basement freezer.

I trotted downstairs and opened the freezer to find it almost full to the brim with venison sausage.  Not a bad thing.  I took a bunch of things out and reorganized so I could fit the ice cream maker thing in.

Happily came upstairs pleased as punch with my reorganization.

This morning, Brad went downstairs to grab some sausages for breakfast.  Shortly thereafter I heard 

"Uh... Jod?"

That's never good. Then without him saying anything, I realized what I had done.

In my hasty attempt at reorganizing, I took out a box of chicken, put it to the side and continued with my shuffling things about.  But I forgot to put it back in.

Now we had an entire box of thawed chicken to use up.


Alright fine. I am nothing if not resourceful.  Cue Casseroles.  I decided to make a butter chicken/rice thing and a cheese broccoli one.

I have made lasagna where you just make it with uncooked noodles, but make the sauce a little runny and it comes out fine.  I figured the same logic would work for rice.  I thinned out my butter chicken sauce with a little chicken stock, proud of myself for being so clever.

Ok. So apparently rice doesn't work the same as noodles.  Unless of course, you prefer your rice to be crunchy, in which case this recipe is for you.  I added in more chicken stock and put it back in the over.  That'll fix it right?

No.  The answer is no.

On a positive note, the chicken broccoli one turned out good.  In an attempt to salvage the casserole and not completely waste all that chicken, I have added even more broth and put it in the fridge.  My hope is that sitting in the broth overnight will help soften it up.  I'm cautiously optimistic.

Le Sigh.


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