Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lazy or determined?

Last Saturday night Brad and I went out for an evening well mannered frivolity. 

Rather than takemy behemoth of a filing cabinet that I call a purse I decided to take my grandmother's leather clutch.

It's one of favourites. It has this gorgeous black embossed floral pattern,  that hasn't aged a bit.
The inside of the clutch shows its good years of service. It almost has a watercolor like pattern on it. I've always wondered about the tiny little pockets inside it. What could possibly fit in there?

A stamp? Bus ticket perhaps?

We got home from our dinner out and I put the clutch on the counter in the kitchen. I kept meaning to bring it upstairs. I would see it every day and in my head remind myself to put it away, but I always seemed to forget. 
Yesterday, I was determined to remember to bring it upstairs. I had just gone grocery shopping and had a myriad of things to put away. Some of those things require going upstairs like toothpaste and hairspray that kind of thing.

As I was put all the food away I moved the clutch, hairspray et al on the bottom of the stairs to remind myself to put them away the next time I went up.

Next time I went by I had a handful of towels in my hands. I managed to grab the hairspray and put it on top, but I couldn't manage to put the clutch on as well without dropping the towels.

I mentally reserved that I would come right back down and get it. I did not.

When I came downstairs, there were other things I had to attend to; helping Logan make his smoothie and making sure that he put the lid on the blender; keeping my ravenous older son from devouring all the groceries I just bought; and if I am being completely honest pouring myself a glass of wine.

The Epilepsy meds that I am on allow me to drink some wine. However more than a couple glasses makes me feel really sleepy. So somewhere north of midnight, I couldn't fight it anymore and went upstairs to go to bed.

Before going upstairs, I turned off all the lights in the house. By the time I got to the bottom of the staircase to go upstairs everything was dark. So I can give myself a pass for not seeing the clutch at the bottom of the stairs.

This morning I went downstairs to get some breakfast and coffee. As I went down, I saw the clutch laying there. I could almost feel its sense of abandonment.

I had breakfast and coffee and went directly to the clutch and marched it back up to my closet.

Which means that it took me less than a week to put this gorgeous clutch back in my closet. 

Better late than never.

Home sweet home.


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