Saturday, January 16, 2016


I have had a love affair with Netflix for quite some time.  The ability to binge watch an entire season within two weeks is a godsend.  What I have discovered is that waiting for a new episode each week is for chumps.

Take note Bachelor!

But Netflix and I are in an open relationship.  So I have been looking at Crave and Shomi.  I really had no idea of the difference so I did a little digging.  Here... as far as I can tell are the pros and cons.... at least in my mind anyhow.

 - Has some seriously good options; Sex and the city (and many other HBO shows), Whitney, Reality TV (including all of my favorite Alaska shows)
 - MAJOR pro is that it is already an app on our Smart tv, so connecting is seamless
 - $7.99 a month

 - No kids shows - although this isn't so much a big deal anymore, but still no cartoons ( which I still like sometimes!)
 - No close captioning.  For most people this is a non issue.  For me, with my malfunctioning ears, it's all but a necessity if I am going to follow any sort of dialogue.  According to their website it will be available on Samsung TV (which we have) soon.  Hmm... define soon..
 - No movies as it mostly focuses on TVs show ( but this isn't necessarily a con per se, because I have Netflix to do the heavy lifting in the movie department)

 - Cheap $8.99/month
 - Good kids genre
 - OUTLANDER!  One of my new favorite shows, so this a major plus!

 - There is no Shomi app on our tv.  That means I would have to move the Apple TV receiver down from upstairs, which I am not about to do.  So honestly, that was the deal breaker right there.

CRAVE wins!

I signed up for the one month free trial.  I like it so far, only skimmed a few things, but I HATE the no subtitles.  I am so used to it being on our regular TV and Netflix that going without it almost feels so foreign.

Netflix and I will always have a special relationship and somehow, I think that this new chapter will be a little fling.

Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to binge watch SATC.


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