Friday, January 29, 2016

Can see the light

Year end is almost over. Two weeks or so and it'll be done. DONE! 

This has been a pretty big learning curve. With Leslie retired I'm on my own. There are the things she trained me on, but you can't train for everything. There is always going to be those ad hoc requests that come up. I was expecting those, but not the sheer volume of them!

So while the hours I've been putting in have been off the charts, working until 9pm every night. I've learned a lot this month.

The one thing that is really made me realize how much I value my time with the boys. It's so easy to take for granted the time that you get to spend with your family and this last couple weeks of me putting in the hours I have really missed them.

This weekend we have hockey games, hockey practices and more hockey games.  I have wrote my last cheque for hockey this season.  So glad that's done. $350 here, $250 there every couple months in addition to registration costs of about $500 and any tournaments which are totally above and beyond what I just listed. Oh yeah...those are PER KID costs.

I am glad that they enjoy it, so in that respect it all worthwhile. It's been great for Logan to learn to respect coaches and consequences (being benched etc) for lipping off. Logan always likes to be the smart ass, with a clever response for everything.  I was a lot like him in school, as far as the attitude goes. He definitely has an easier time making friends though.  I had my head in a book my entire school life. But Nancy Drew and I were besties for sure. 

On the other hand, hockey has helped Zach's social skills. Zach is extremely shy and has a very hard time making friends. All attempts at school have been pretty awkward encounters. But with hockey, you are instantly part of a group. Since Zach is a big defensemen and scores goals, he has really become part of the team. He even made assistant captain this year.

As I'm typing this I realize I have probably written about the boys, their individual strengths and weaknesses many times before. It's hard not to though. Brad, Zach and Logan are my world. No one drives me crazier, no one make me laugh harder and I'm ridiculously lucky to have them.

Sigh. And with that (such a rebel for staring a sentence with "and", although I've seen it quite a bit now away and it makes me cringe every time) I am going to go have myself a big holiday pour of Australian Moscato.  

Cheers to the freakin weekend!


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