Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Pal

If you are not from Winnipeg this will have no meaning.  If you live here, or have spent any time here, you will know that "The Pal" is a reference to a long standing (27 years) beloved bar in the west end of Winnipeg, The Palomino.

In my twenties, I was not one to frequent the Pal very much, but we did on occasion and it was always a blast, despite the treacherous walks downstairs to get to the bathroom.  Drunk people walking down stairs covered in spilt drinks?  What could go wrong.

Cue 15 years later and new hits that the Pal is closing.  My friend Debbie wanted to go. Saturday was the night.

We first decided to pre-game at Kathy Anne's house and then take cabs from there.

The bar has not changed, there is still cover. there is still the greasy guy checking ID and the surly chic checking coats.  The decor has stayed true to its roots, neon lights depicting pigs *ahem* frolicking and a donkey taking an enormous crap still adorn the walls.

First thing, we ordered drinks.  When it comes to my alcohol I prefer buying in bulk.  It never ceases to blow my mind how much drinks cost in a bar.  But this was a night of fun and I vowed not to be tallying the totals in my head as the night went on.

Despite the fact that it's been 15 years since I was at the Pal, the clientele appears to have been quite loyal.  It isn't a young bar, it is where Cougars go to run free.   OH!  If you are into people watching go to the Pal on a Saturday night.  Its wonders for as far as the eye can see; back combed hair shellacked to the point whereby it could stop a bullet, rampant leather dresses, shirts with shoulder cut outs... it was just awesome.

Erin wanted to dance, so up we went.  The DJ tunes were great and really varied. It's funny to me in that no matter how old we get, somehow we all still dance in a circle.

After a little while, the DJ was replaced with a band.  I'm all for live bands, they are usually really great.

This band was not.  Well actually, the band was great it was the lead singer that was a little rough.  Maybe she was having an off night, but she was having a lot of trouble hitting the notes.  All the songs were covers, which is totally fine, but it would take you a good few minutes to figure out what song she was attempting.  Perhaps she was putting her own spin on it, but regardless, her Stevie Nicks get up was on point.

A member of the band playing base guitar ( I think it was base anyways) had on the most fantastic pants I've ever seen.  They looked like really tight jeans with american flag accents and an american flag scarf hanging off the back.  That in and of itself would have been enough.  As the band was leaving the stage he walked by my friend who immediately flipped out.

The were jeggings. JEGGINGS!

The only picture I could get was the one at the right here, which is from a distance and really doesn't do the outfit justice, but let me assure it you it was brilliant.

At some point in the evening we decided to do shots.  Lots of the girls wanted to do China Whites, which were a popular shot in the 90s.  I once go so sick on China Whites, that I cannot come within 2 feet of one without my gag reflex kicking in.  I opted for a Purple Helmet, which  in case you are wondering, still tastes like cough syrup.

It was a great evening full of nostalgia.  It's funny what they say about aging, at first you are like, "I wish I was back in my twenties", but them you hit the bar scene and are, "Nope, I'm good".

So long Palomino.


HP said...

we missed each other there on the farewell tour by only 2 weeks!

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