Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A F*** up of epic proportions

I'm an idiot.

We recently got a call from our credit card company saying they hadn't received a payment.  Uh, no.  I've religiously made biweekly payments since we got that card last year.

I bank online, so I called my bank and asked them to track the payments. Yup, they went through. Of course they did, the money left my account!

But the credit card company said they didn't receive it.  So we had to spend the last little bit tracking it down.  Initially we though it was that it takes a day or two for them to receive an online payment, however it was taking a really long time to go through.  We then discovered they hadn't received any of the ones I made, but they did receive the ones Brad made.

At some point after all this digging someone at my bank asked for the credit card account # (should note that the credit card is not with my own bank) and lo and behold it didn't match our card.

Instantly I flip out into thinking I'm a victim of fraud!  After the wrong account number realization, we spent an ungodly amount of time between our bank and the credit card company trying to sort this out.  The card I had been making payments to does not exist in their system.  How?  If the card didn't exist wouldn't the payment have bounced back?  It was somewhere around this time that Brad casually said "Did you delete our old credit card from your bill payment online?"

Backstory: We had a credit card eons ago that we never used, so we closed the account, but I never got around to deleting it from the "Payees" listing for my online banking and totally forgot about it. We signed up for a new card (from the same company) in Fall 2014.  When I went o make a payment for the new card, I saw the payee there and made the payment.  At the time, I didn't remember setting up the new account, but I had totally forgotten about the old one too. So i just figured I had set it up when we got it.

Sheesh.  We didn't realize all of this was happening because Brad would make payments from time to time which paid off the minimum balance.  It wasn't until he stopped that we missed payments and the credit card company contacted us.

At least now we were getting to the bottom of it.  I had made a years worth of payments to a closed account.  Fanfreakingtastic.

It took numerous calls to my bank to speak to someone who had the mental capacity to help me.  Initial responses were "There is nothing we can do, just don't make any more payments", "I can only request the last payment be reversed".

Finally I spoke to someone who was able to help.  They are going to contact the credit card company on our behalf (and will hopefully get farther than we were able too) and ask about where the money went and to have the payments returned.  They told me that it is likely that the payments I made are sitting in some sort of holding account.

So within 2-3 weeks I will know if I can get the money back or not.  On a positive note, when we do (I am remaining positive here), they returned amounts will pay off the whole card, so that's a plus.



Anonymous said...

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