Monday, November 9, 2015

Knack for injury

My ability to injure myself in the oddest of ways is well documented.  For the most part, the injuries haven't been serious, just minor scrapes and what not.

Up until now, it was only myself who was blessed with this gift.  However, it has now become apparent that my offspring have inherited it.  But there is a bit of a lead up to the story, so come with me on the journey...

This weekend was a busy one.  Brad left for his annual hunting weekend on Saturday.  Both boys had hockey games - so I had to coordinate shuffling them around for those.    

We then went to IKEA.  I wanted plants.  My current office is a barren box of beige and tile carpeting, an interior designers dream room.  I wanted some greenery to bring in some much needed oxygen and some color.  I settled on a bug tree like thing (don't ask me what it's big and green and thereby met all of my requirements).

I also got a small blooming red thing in a lime green pot - splashes of color achieved.

After being carted around on this barrage of errands, Logan asked if he could have his buddy Mason for a sleepover.  Logan has been asking for WEEKS, so I finally relented.  The plan was that after supper, Mason would come over.

When we got home, Zach's friend Greg called to have a sleepover.  Good gawd.  I am not that brave.   But Zach doesn't have many friends over, so I wanted to figure out a way to make something happen.  So in between Mason coming over, Greg came over for a visit.

Now - Even though Logan has a strict rule about Zach playing with Logan's friends when they come over, the opposite never seems to apply and Logan always goes down and hangs out.  His excuse this time was that he wanted to exercise.  The treadmill just happens to be in front of the TV, which  just happens to be where Zach and Greg were playing Xbox.

So Logan hopped on the treadmill (unbeknownst to me).  Zach is a little socially awkward.  He wants his friends to like him, but he doesn't know how to go about it, so he always acts goofy to get thier attention.

In this particular instance, he jumped on the treadmill behind Logan. Cue disaster.

They both fell off.  Zach was rolled on the belt to the end of the treadmill and got stuck between the treadmill and the wall while the treadmill was running.

In case you can't visualize that, it would be similar to rubbing your shoulder up against a belt sander.  The skin on the back of his neck, shoulder and wrist was skinned.

So squeals of pain sent me to the basement to find Zach bleeding, Logan making excuses and Greg quietly playing away on the Xbox.

See what I mean about having a knack for injury? 

We got Zach all squared away and then he went back to hanging out with Greg.  Shortly there after, Mason arrived and Greg went home.  In terms of sleepovers, this one was really great.  The boys were well behaved, quiet and had a good time.  Remarkable.

On Sunday both the boys had hockey.  As we were loading up Logan's gargantuan hockey back into the truck, I heard a "pop" in my wrist.  Didn't hurt at the time, but shortly thereafter, my wrist and thumb started to hurt.

Gees Louise... really?

It seems better today, so that is a good thing.  Maybe I just tweaked a tendon or something.  I have a full seven days  to go before Brad gets home.... here's to making it through!


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