Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Finding my Feet

To say things have been crazy for me the past few months is somewhat of an understatement.

My boss, who I genuinely adored, retired after 40 years with the company. Leslie is amazing in so many ways. She was patient, knowledgeable and always had a kind ear. I will miss working with her.

What it means for me is that I am taking on a lot more responsibility in her absence.  Some of it I knew or had been doing already, some is new but I have a good idea and some I am seeing for the first time.

Cue crazy long hours and my stress levels gone through the roof.  Did I mention what my epilepsy seizure trigger is? Oh yeah... Stress.

So sitting at my desk yesterday I had a really mild seizure. Still though... Not great.

It's like clockwork, every 6 months, almost to the day each time.

I am physically back to normal, but mentally a little broken. I'll be ok. It helps that I like what I am doing. I think I  just have to find a way to balance things better. Instead of staying at work until 9 or 10, I'll leave at 5 (if I can... Sometimes it's unavoidable) and then be able to spend time with the kids and have dinner.  I can work late at home and I won't feel as guilty being away from them.

Or that's my plan anyways.

Maybe I just need to reframe it in my head, turn the stress into exhilaration or something. That might be tough, mutual funds aren't like bungee jumping off a cliff, but it's worth a shot at least.

I am however exceedingly grateful for my friends and husband who have been helping me pick up the slack with rides to and from various places and heavy handed pours of wine (not at the same time of course). This last few months would have been damn near impossible of it wasn't for them.

Ok. Big breath...looking forward to finding my feet. 


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