Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Officially the end of summer


Summer is over.

I took Friday off to take the boys back to school shopping as I hadn't yet had a chance to. Talk about a wake up call.

Zach is no longer in kids sizes.  Not even close.  To get jeans that fit him for length, we have to go up to mens sizes, he's now a 30 long.  But the waist size doesn't always match up with the length.  Add to that he's a size 9.5 men's shoe. 

Holy Crap!  

He doesn't care though.  Whatever it takes to get in and out of the mall as quickly as possible is fine by him.

Logan on the other hand has an image to maintain you see.  This requires significant attention to detail.  He wanted to get lime green high tops.  But lime green high tops are in short supply, so he ended up getting some black and purple Element high tops and adding lime green laces which was deemed acceptable.

I hate shopping with my boys.  I know I should love it, but it's always such a complete gong show.

Logan is very concerned with things being fair to the point where he mentally tallies the bills... Sheesh.

We headed out to the cabin Friday night. It's our annual unbirthday weekend. We get together and everyone gets a gift (small, goofy or handmade) and we have cake.

The boys and I had made some gifts when we were at the cabin in August. Mum and Dad loved them. Zach got a cool pair of sunglasses and Logan got neon laces for his shoes. 

We have been doing a lot of yard work at the cabin, pushing back the forest edge to make a yard.  We have also had to cut down some trees to make way for the cabin additions. Cutting down a tree leaves you with lots of branches and leaves that can't be chopped into firewood.

We had been just piling up all this branch-leaf detritus and had been slowly burning through it for campfires.

Then we had an idea... Why not drag it all up into the field (which had been plowed for a new crop so it was all mud) and torch it all at once?


What we didn't realize that the branches had settled, and dragging them in the half tons "fluffed" them up. So what looked like a small pile turned up being 4 half ton loads.

Since it had rained the previous day, it took awhile to get it lit, but once it did... Woo!  The heat coming off it was insane! We knew we had to wait until it all burned down, so we sat around it and had a campfire. Zach got us telling stories (where one person starts a made up story and then next person continues it). It was a lot of fun. 

Mum and I had been taking daily walks. It's easy to just veg and get lazy at the cabin. Since it was nice weather, I wanted to get out and enjoy it.

On Sunday, we went for a six mile walk to the lookout (high point that looks down to the river). Somewhere along the walk I got bit by a spider.  I didn't notice it at first, but realized it when it started to itch.

At first I wasn't sure it was a spider bite, but come Monday morning when it swelled up like crazy, it was pretty obvious. Generally speaking I don't freak out too much about bug bites, but this one was nutso. 

My calf swelled up to almost twice the size and was super red.  I was debating how serious it was, but that's where my nurse friends come in.  They said to get it looked at if I could that night, but if not keep an eye on it and pop Benadryl. 

Check out the awesomeness...

A beauty huh? I had been marking my leg to track the redness, which was growing.

Thankfully the Benadryl worked and things are calming down I think.

Feel kind of ripped off though, shouldn't I have super powers by now? 


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