Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This is 40

People around me are starting to turn 40. It's unbelievable; starting with my friend Debbie, it's now progressed into friends Jen, Josh, Sean, Erin.... And the list goes on.

What's so weird about that is that in my head I'm truly 17. It's still floors me that I'm expected to "adult ". I genuinely can't get over the fact that we are all officially grown ups. 

This past weekend was another one of those milestone birthdays. My cousin (who I refer to as my brother) turned 40.  It's been a jampacked couple years for him, met the love of his life Whitney, had a beautiful baby boy Wade and moved into a really gorgeous house and Wellington Crescent.

Owen and Whitney had a barbecue on Sunday with the whole Preston clan to celebrate the big 4-0. We all got together and chatted away like we always do. I am really lucky to be related to this amazing group of people. It could be months since we have seen each other and we just pick right back up where we left off. 

Added bonus this get together was that Wade was around. Wade is the cutest little thing, 6 months, piercing blue eyes and a giggle that will give you all the feels. Logan was really happy because when Wade was born, Logan was no longer the baby of the family.

Wade wasn't having Brad though. When he looked at Brad he went from smiling to stare down. I think it might have been his beard... At least I hope so!

After some Jeannies cake (another family tradition), it was time to open gifts. 

My family has a great sense of humor and that was evident on Sunday.   First off, no one in the Preston Family ever just opens a present.... We make you work for it.

Generally speaking, gifts are only exchanged after some sort of scavenger hunt/puzzle/riddle has been solved. Sunday was no exception, Owen had to answer a riddle about "teeth but no mouth", "hand-les but not feet-les".....

It was a stumper.  Eventually (and not too long actually...given the cryptic nature of the clues), Owen guessed a chainsaw.

Apparently the one Owen wanted wasn't available in the city and they had to special order it in. Not to go empty-handed, my aunt and uncle decided to get him the next best thing-a Home Depot chainsaw.... For kids.

My family rules. 


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