Monday, August 31, 2015


Our cabin does not have a coffee table.

Which means that when the TV is on, remotes are either on the floor or on the couch.  Problem is my Dad gets mad, his primary concern being that the remotes will be damaged.  But, at the present time, there wasn't an alternative.

Cue Pinterest!

I had seen numerous posts of people making rustic furniture from old pallets.  It seemed completely doable.

First off I had to find two pallets. The pallets that I found where not nearly in as great of shape as the ones you see online.  I had to combine two pallets.

The pallet boards have spaces, so you have to take all the boards off and then put them back on close together.  Once that was done, we made some table legs.

Initially, I had envisioned a natural stain, but one of the pallets I used had been painted red.  The red gave me an idea; why not stain it red?

Here is the phase 1 photo with the boards put together:
and here it is with the stain on:

I put a couple coats of varnish or verathane or whatever the heck you call it, but I forgot to take a final picture.  Oops.

Regardless, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out!


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