Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Out of Gas

My weekend started Thursday night with the Bomber game.

Bomber games have turned into epically awesome evenings.  Our friends, Dave and Debbie along with Sean and Erin all have season tickets along with their kids.  That is 4 tickets per family.

So far this season all of us have gone to every game and I don't think we have sat in the same seats more than once.  It's always a shuffle.  Sometimes the kids sit together and me and the girls sit together, sometimes Mums and boys,... we are forever mixing it up.
Debbie, Me and Erin

Logan's tough guy face just makes him look annoyed.

I did have to work Friday, but I got off early and we headed to the cabin.  It was nice to get into some greenspace.  My mum and dad were at the cabin as well, so we had a full house.

Once there we did the usual rituals, staying up way too late having a drink with our friends Courtney and Dale,  sleeping in the next morning, go cart rides, watching Waking Ned Devine.

Ok, I should probably fill  you in on that last one.  Waking Ned Devine is one of my all time favorite movies.  I discovered it in some old dusty pile of DVDs at the cabin a few years ago.  Since then, every time I am at the cabin, before I go to bed one night, I have to watch this movie.

On Sunday afternoon, Logan wanted to take me for a go cart ride.  It's Logan's thing - he loves to drive.  So off we went riding down the dusty country roads that I have come to know and love.  It's so peaceful, which you wouldn't think given it being a go cart ride and all.  But there is no one around and you're staring at these gorgeous fields of sunflowers with the fresh summer air.... there is nothing quite like it.

Logan and I were about 3 km into our ride going up a bit of a hill when the engine cut out.  I immediately though Logan might have taken his foot off the gas and the engine died, but no.  Logan calmly said, "Nuts... we are out of gas".


Cell reception at the cabin is pitiful, so calling for help was out of the question.  My initial thoughts were to take the keys from the go cart and walk back.  But Logan LOVES the go carts and was super anxious that someone would steal it.  So what did we decide to do?  Push it back.

As in push it back the 3 km to the cabin.  Awesome.

At this point we were up a bit of a hill, so we gave it a good "luge" type run and rode down the hill - 2.9 km left to go.

Go carts are similar to cars in that they are naturally designed to go to the right if the steering wheel is left unattended.  This meant that we couldn't have both Logan and I pushing from the back because the cart would veer to the right.

Our game plan became that Logan would steer and I would push.

Holy Mother....2.9 km has never felt so long.  Just as we were pulling on to the turn to head to the cabin (about 3 minutes away from the cabin itself) we see Brad and Zach pulling up in the truck.  They had wondered what was taking us so long and came to check on us.  Sigh... that would have been nice 45 minutes earlier.

Once we got back, we gassed up and went back out to finish our ride.  It was a really warm day so when we returned we decided to have a water fight.  While we don’t have running water at the cabin, we do have really big rain barrels which we turned into our filling stations.  It was everyone for themselves.  I lost.  I was SOAKED by the end of it.  It was super fun though, running around hiding behind trees and in bushes waiting to ambush each other.

Since the boys and I had been outside all day, we dried off and came in for some supper.  After supper we made an impromptu decision to have an Indiana Jones marathon.  It is times like these that I am quite happy I have boys – I am not sure this would have happened if we had girls.  Back to back to back we watched all three movies on VHS no less.  We would have watched the fourth but we didn’t have it at the cabin.

Mum and I headed home on Monday afternoon.  The boys left for Pelican Lake.  They will be camping all week provided the weather is good and will maybe come home this weekend to stock up on supplies.

I am really looking forward to my holidays.  It’s been a long couple months and I really could use the break. 


HP said...

I love how it wasn't "we don't have the 4th movie", it was just that you didn't have it at the cabin. LOL.

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