Thursday, August 13, 2015

Now THAT is a sale

Hockey is expensive.

It's off the wall.  $1,000 for the boys to register, then extra amounts for ice time, travel costs for tournaments and then equipment.

This past year Zach has grown by leaps and bounds, surpassing me in height.  his feet are a size 7.5 MENS.  Logan has grown quite a bit as well, but thankfully is still in youth sizes.

The price difference in jumping from youth sizes to adult is shocking.  Skates go from $150 for youth to $500.

I'm not even kidding.  Check this out... These are middle of the road skates from Sport Chek:

So with that kind of pricing, the frugal girl in me kicks into high gear.  Every now and again you can get some wicked sales.

Both the boys needed new skates this year.  I keep an eye on various stores, Sport Chek, Royal Sports, Play it Again etc to get an idea of when things are going on sale.  I got word of a Door Crasher day at Play it Again.  I set a reminder in my phone and made sure Brad (who is on holidays0 was there at 9:30 am.

It's like Boxing Day, only better.  They open at 10 am and by 9:30 am the line is 30 deep.  This is what we were going for...


Brad hates shopping.  He hates it even more when there are crowds.  He's more likely to pay full price than have to deal with the craziness.

However, this was too big of a savings for even him to pass up.   Took some finagling, but he managed to score two pairs!  One for Zach and one for Logan.

That is $1,060 in skates (because this sale also meant no taxes) for $139.

Coming up later this weekend is a sale on Hockey Pants and you can bet your bottom dollar we will be there with bells on.


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