Monday, July 6, 2015


Weekend was a quiet one.  The boys were at the cabin. I had stayed home to mark papers.  Saturday though, I had some errands to run.

Ordinarily this wouldn't have been anything ground breaking, however, with our only vehicle at the cabin, I had to take my bike.

I rode up to the mall, I wanted to hit up Lush.  Lush is my new favorite place.  I'd been there before to gt bath bombs and soap, but I have just recently got into their face/hair stuff.  The solid shampps are AMAZING!  I initially shied away because I thought they were dry shampoos which completely turned me off - but they aren't.  They are these colorful hockey puck things that lather something crazy in the shower.   I also tried their masks that have to be kept in the fridge and some face creams.

After Lush, I went to Sport Check.  I needed a helmet and a good bike lock.  The helmet situation was brutal, the women's helmets all had flowers.  ALL OF THEM.  Ugh. Attention helmet manufacturers: Not all women are into florals, some women like skulls or maybe plaid...just saying.

I then stopped in at Co Op to pick up Zach's asthma puffer which he needed for Camp.  Then I set off on the long leg of the journey, up to Woodcock cycle.  With the wind at my back, I made amazing time.  Once there, I perused the selection of bike baskets.  I had plans of getting a natural wicker one, but the white ones matched my bike better. I also got a basket liner and a bell.  Yes. A bell.  Go ahead... judge me.

With my bike all tricked out (the guys installed everything for me) I headed home.  The slight difference from the ride to Woodcock, was that the wind was now squarely in my face.  What transpired over the 10K back home was a 45 minute sand facial.  It was so gross.  As I was riding on the road and not the sidewalk I got face fulls of grit from the cars.  Add to that the wind kicking up the dust and it was certifiably disgusting.

I stopped in the LC on the way home.  As I was standing in line, I got the unmistakable feeling of a seizure coming on.  But then, just as it started, it eased off and passed without incident.  I am really hoping that this was a direct result of the meds.  The doctor had told me that this could happen, you would start to have a seizure but then the meds stop it.  Whatever it was, it worked.  Awesome.

Sunday Brad and Zach came home, Logan is staying at the cabin for the week.  Monday morning we were up freakishly early to take Zach to the camp drop off.  He was bubbling with excitement.  He has been waiting for 3 years to be old enough to go to paintball camp.

Logan comes home Friday for the Bomber game.  Saturday we drive out to get Zach and then he goes to the cabin.  Logan  then goes to Paws for Adventure Day camp next week. 

Gotta love Summer.


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