Monday, July 20, 2015

Another week.... time is flying

I can't believe it has been another week.

Brian (Brad's brother) and his mum were staying with us last week so that they could go visit George every day at the Grace hospital.  Some days were good, but thursday was not a great day.

For someone who is having stomach issues, the fact that the food is so inedible does not help.  The Grace uses this food service, whereby food is made in Ontario somewhere and then shipped in.  that means the toast they serve at breakfast was made in Ontario, frozen and then shipped here and thawed.  Mmmmmm.  It's so bad that the nurses even suggested to my mother in law that if she wanted to bring in her own food for George that was ok.  Never heard that before.  You know the food is bad when...

We had to shuffle a few sleeping arrangements, but it all worked out in the end.  Friday night Brian went back home to North Battleford and Heather went back to Morden to take care of a few things.  Initially we thought that George was going to be transferred back to Boundary Trails (hospital outside Morden), but it doesn't look like that will happen... today at least.  I am optimistic he will at some point.  I truly hope so because I know he is much happier there.

We went out to the cabin this weekend.  I was excited to see Zach because he had been there since Sunday night.  My mum and dad headed back to the city to stock up on supplies and relax a bit.    There was a big 125th reunion at Stockton this weekend, but given all the stuff Brad was dealing with, he just wanted a low key weekend.

We hung out, did some fishing, go carting, bike rides (which are infinitely more challenging when not on pavement!)  Weather was perfect, not too hot, but still sunny and warm.

Mum and Dad came back out Sunday night.  Zach is staying there for another week.  We then took Logan to the bus this morning as he is headed off to camp with his friend Seth until Saturday morning.  Despite everything that is going on, I'm happy that the boys are still having a great summer.

We got a nice surprise this morning.  A big lump sum federal cheque.  HELLO!  I had totally forgotten about the new expanded UCCB program.  As of July, the government was doing retroactive payments back to January.  Nice! That would be money we would put towards all the camps/child care this summer, but since we have already paid for that stuff, we will keep it for hockey.

I am hopeful that this weekend we will start building our deck. I love a redneck pallet deck as much as the next person, but it's time to ditch it.  I would like to sit out on the deck and have a drink without having to lean to the right to keep from toppling over; it's the small things.

So this week we are kid free.  I hope we can take advantage of it at least a little and maybe go for a dinner date or something.  But that will all depend on how much I am working and how George is doing.  Crossing my fingers for good things for both.


Tumpa said...

That is not to suggest the guy doesn't need your partner's experiences, the guy truly does. And yet your mummy believed who whereas we tend to are supplementing with prescription drugs destroy during the the hot months, Zach could you can ask to go back concerning considering that the guy consistently has the opinion which means unhealthy when ever as well as a particular outburst.

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