Monday, June 1, 2015

What size are you?

Given that we moved to a new area where everybody is new, there is more of a sense of getting to know your neighbors than would normally be the case.

There is also practical reasons for that, discussing fence building/ landscaping etc.

However, Friday I had a rather odd encounter.

I take the bus every day.  Recently another woman has also been taking the bus with me.  Her house is on the corner of Algate/Twickenham.  There was the usual smile/nod situation for a few days until Friday.  She said "Good morning"  and then said, "I like your pants".

It was a nice compliment, so I said thank you.  However, it was her follow up question that blind sided me somewhat.  She then asked me "What size are they?"

Uh. Ok. Here is my problem with that.  You never ask someone what size they are.  Ever.  They could be a very body conscious size six, or a completely confident size 16.  You never know, so it's best not to ask.

We got on the bus and she sat beside me.  Right off the hop this put me on edge because I don't like to chat on the bus ride in.  I like to put on head phones, drink coffee and zone out.  But not today apparently.

I had a feeling that she was going somewhere with her line of questioning.  As the conversation continued she asked me some more random questions; "where did I get my pants"  and "how much did they cost".  She then dropped the bomb:

"Can you give me some of your clothes?"


She (she did tell me her name, but due to my deafness and her accent, I didn't quite catch it) then went into her elaborate back story.  She just moved here from Nigeria 3 months ago and is staying with family.  She doesn't have a lot of money to buy clothes and is looking for help.  Since I am about the same size, she said "It would be nice if you could help me".

She then asked for my phone number.  I asked why she needed that and she replied, "so we can keep in touch.  Don't worry, I won't call to remind you to bring the clothes".

Sweet Jaysus. It got super uncomfortable at this point.  Just a big motza ball hanging out there. However, we did manage to talk a little. What I did discover is that she is taking a 5 week course downtown to learn about immigrating to Canada.  She is currently finishing week 2.

Super.  So now if I don't bring her clothes, I am going to have more awkward encounters for the next 3 weeks.  But I also don't want to set myself up to anything either.

I asked my neighbor about it and she was of the mind set that it isn't like we are living in a rough end of town where you would expect people to be having a hard time.  This is an area where half million dollar home are common.  I mulled it over quite a bit and finally decided to giver this woman the benefit of the doubt and  bring her a few things.  I made sure to include a pair of pants however, because given her bold demeanor I had a feeling she would ask for pants if I didn't include any.

Fast forward to this morning.  We said our hellos and I gave her the bag of clothes.  It had a blouse, skirt, pair of plants and a tank top.  I made sure to mention that I really didn't have much to give her because I donated tons of things when we moved last summer. Everything I have left, I currently wear.

She was quite grateful.  But again it became a motza ball situation and neither one of us said anything.  I made sure that she got on the bus first, so that I could choose to sit by myself as I really wasn't in the mood for another bus ride like Friday.

So that's that.  I'm glad I gave her something because I think I would have felt guilty if I didn't.  But I really hope it ends there because I don't think I could handle any more awkward.


HP said...

omg, this is incredibly odd.

Jodi said...

I know right??!

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