Monday, June 1, 2015


I have been living in mud for 10 months.

Lots and lots of mud.

New houses don't come with landscaping (unless you are one of the fortunate few who bought their house during a landscaping promotion and got it included).  You only have a year (from final grading of your property) to get the landscaping done.

When you build in our area (and I have to assume other areas are the same, but I could be wrong), you have to prepay $1,000 for your landscaping.  If you landscape in the appropriate time frame and have it inspected to ensure that it is acceptable, they refund your $1,000 back.

$1,000 is a high enough amount that it gets people moving.  The intent is that people will do their landscaping in a timely fashion and you won't have to look at dirt lawns for years and years.

We did ours (3/4 of it anyways) this weekend.  Our neighbor to the right, Carlos put crushed granite beside his house, so we had to as well because it would look goofy to have two different types of rock side by side.  Brad got the granite dropped off Friday afternoon.  I was surprised that by the time I got home he had moved it all by himself!

We also got topsoil delivered.  Brad did most of it solo and then his buddy Dave came and helped with the remaining.  Saturday am was sod time.   Laying sod makes such a big difference in such a short time!

Here is the final product.  We are the house on the left.


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